Briolette jewellers bring sparkle to Kings Highway
Braidwood now has an extra shine. The heritage-listed town has long been known as the jewel in the crown of...
Women, employers urged to make breast screening a team event
Getting a breast check can be daunting for a woman, but the moral support to be drawn from a group...
61 years in television and counting…
1957. It's a year that many of us weren't born or would barely remember, but for those who love their...
It’s all coming up roses for Manuka Gardens
Colouring Canberra with beautiful gardens. It's a dream job for Simon Davies. Simon is the Managing Director of Manuka Gardens...
A man of influence, generosity and compassion: Peter Munday
Local Leaders
Peter Munday left school at the age of 14 years, nine months. To clarify his departure from school, he was...
CBR Brave winning coach signs on as partner with Meyer Vandenberg
Canberra ice hockey hero and commercial lawyer Robert Starke will bring a strong work ethic and team culture to Meyer...

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Professional services success is all about relationships, says Rubik3
After a year of stunning growth, Rubik3 director Guy Earnshaw is sitting in a Braddon cafe, reflecting on what went...
Tracy Keeley, Award-Winning Caf Whisperer
We're familiar with the concept of giving a house a makeover, giving our wardrobes a makeover and even pimping our...
Why an ideal boss cares about staff’s health and their families
Progressive Canberra businesses are putting the health of their staff front and centre with a wide range of wellness incentives....
From sales to lending, Clarity’s Nitish Kumar shoots for the stars
Local Leaders
In a market much smaller than those of his interstate rivals and despite writing smaller loans in his first year...
Canberra mates kick global goal with Sponserve
In three short years, two Canberra mates have taken their solution for managing sporting sponsorship contracts across much of the...
Stella Bella Little Stars Foundation cheque hand-over
Date: Thursday 6 December 2018. Venue: Stella Bella Children’s Centre in Fyshwick. Photography: George Tsotsos.
Canberra Kookaburras jerseys on auction with all proceeds donated to Marymead
Date: Friday 30 November 2018. Venue: Allbids Office in Fyshwick. Photography: George Tsotsos.
New leadership team announced at Canberra Business chamber
A former Deputy Chair at the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission will take charge of the Canberra Business Chamber in...
Excellence and achievements celebrated at 2018 Canberra Tourism Awards
Popular national institutions, accommodation hotels, tourist attractions and major events were honoured at the 2018 Canberra Region Tourism Awards on...
Rubik3 named Australia’s number one start-up
A Canberra professional services firm which set a high bar for client and community achievements when it launched in 2014...
Bucking the trends in business – Ray White Canberra
Local Leaders
Like any business, it takes a certain amount of tenacity to open a real estate agency. But to open a...
The capital market with David Robertson
Each quarter, David Robertson, Head of Economic and Market Research for Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, keeps us updated on the...
Olympian takes plunge into her own fitness studio
Former Olympic gold-medal winning swimmer Felicity Galvez knows what it's like to push her body to the limit. She also...
Canberra’s New International Best Selling Author, Jemimah Ashleigh
Canberra author and entrepreneur, Jemimah Ashleigh, recently hit the top of Amazon's best-selling author list in less than two hours...
Contracts: Black and White, not read all over
Business Law
If everything isn’t black and white, I say, “Why the hell not?” - John Wayne Can two people read the same...
Succession planning can avoid sudden crisis
Business Law
In 2007 a car accident took the life of a business partner of Mark Love and his colleagues. This was...

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Renowned #Manuka jewellery store Briolette closed its doors last year, but the owners have now opened a bespoke jeweller in #Braidwood and found the perfect work/life balance
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#BreastScreenACT encouraging CBR women to make group bookings with colleagues
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@TimGavel meets Canberra's Peter Munday, who has mentored more than 400 young people and raised millions for charity