Rosella Street’s community of conscious consumers can now gather on iOS, Android

Dione David22 September 2022
rosella street app in use

The new Rosella Street app combines all the features of the platform’s web version with the convenience of notifications. Photo: Michelle Kroll.

Rosella Street users now have all of the website’s functionality at their fingertips with the launch of its new app.

Available for Android and iOS devices, the app combines all the features of the web version with the convenience of notifications.

This includes Rosella Street’s Community, supporting Marketplace, its innovative Impact Tracker and nifty Wallet functions.

In the Community section members can form or join groups, allowing them to create connections based on geography or shared interests.

It also includes the “Community Square” – a forum where Rosella Street co-founder Mick Fritschy says users can post content or join conversation threads.

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“One of our key drivers is to connect communities and enable them to reduce waste,” Mick says.

“The forum is one pathway to foster those connections and help people build communities and groups around certain topics.

“It’s where they can discuss interests, share ideas, content and examples of things they’ve done, answer questions and inspire one another.”

The app also houses the Rosella Street Marketplace, which supports groups with particular interests to buy, rent and sell their possessions in a sustainable way with the ultimate goal of reducing their waste and impact on the planet.

“Once people are connecting with one another and sharing ideas and growing their groups they may wish to rent, donate or share things with one another,” Mick says.

“The supporting Marketplace is the place for that.”

Rosella Street founders Mick Fritschy and Sammy Williamson

Rosella Street co-founder Mick Fritschy with co-founder and app designer Sammy Williamson. Photo: Michelle Kroll.

Earlier this year the online community launched its Impact Tracker function, allowing users to calculate the cumulative impact their activity on the Marketplace was having on the planet.

The Tracker calculates three things for users – avoided waste to landfill, dollars donated to planting trees and “acts of good karma” – all devices of the Rosella Street platform.

“As a human being you generate a certain amount of waste and Co2 emissions,” Mick says. “When you rent or donate something, we’ve calculated that avoids an average of 4 kg of waste in landfill.

“For every transaction via the platform, Rosella Street also donates one dollar to planting bush tucker trees in a remote indigenous community in the Northern Territory. Then there are what we call ‘acts of good karma’ – when users give something away for free.

“The Impact Tracker measures all of this to show users how much their actions are offsetting their impact on the planet.”

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Designed by co-founder Sammy Williamson, the app also features a Wallet function that plays an important role in Rosella Street’s promise of being “Australia’s safest marketplace”.

The Wallet enables users to store a record of their balance from any Marketplace transactions on the app, which they can use to buy, sell and rent things securely.

Mick says the app is another step in Rosella Street’s plans for growth.

“There are currently about 40 groups on the platform, we’re hoping to see double that number in the next 12 months,” he says.

“We’re looking to expand Rosella Street throughout Australia and really grow over the next year.”

The Rosella Street app is available in the Play Store for Android devices or the Apple Store for iOS. Visit the website for more information on Rosella Street.

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