April 2014 Issue 92

Temporary assignments no longer a quick fix

B2B Editor27 March 2014

Temporary assignments no longer a quick fix

The use of temporary workers in Australia is no longer a quick fix but a long-term staffing solution for employers, according to the Hays survey of temporary workers and their employers.

Our survey found 31.2 per cent of organisations consider temporary workers to be a key component of a long-term staffing strategy. This ranks above their use to overcome permanent headcount restrictions (25.8 per cent).

A further 24.2 per cent of employers consider temporary workers to be essential to the success of their organisation, while just 11.8 per cent see them as a temporary cost reduction measure. The findings show that temporary workers offer employers a flexible alternative to permanent staff who can help fill short-term and longer contracts and their expertise can be used for special projects.

Another bonus of using temporary workers is the relief it can provide permanent staff. 60 per cent of the employers surveyed say it is one of the benefits they like.

Rather than continuously redistributing work between current permanent employees, which can reduce productivity, increase stress and may negatively impact on health and safety, temporary resources can instead support a permanent team.

For the employer, there is also a reduced administrative burden as temporary workers are paid by a recruitment agency, are fully interviewed and reference checked, and have undertaken any necessary pre-employment medicals, safety checks and OHS training.

From a candidate’s perspective there are also some interesting findings – the average temporary workers are almost equally men and women, predominantly aged over 30 and have a range of experience and skills to bring to the workplace.

The majority of temporary workers are also interested in pursuing more work of this kind in the future, highlighting that candidates are also a driving force behind the increased use of temporary workers in the job market.

They, like employers, also see the benefits of this kind of work, including the flexibility of temporary assignments, the opportunity to gain more experience and skills, and the ability to make important business contacts.

We’ve been leaders in contingent and temporary recruiting in Australia for 35 years, so we have a deep understanding of the sector and the people currently working and hiring temporary, interim and contract roles in all disciplines across the country.

As we expect these trends to continue in the job market we hope this report will give employers and candidates some valuable information and advice they can use.

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