April 2014 Issue 92

Master class to help business start-ups

B2B Editor1 April 2014

A master class was held recently by Capital Angels to help businesses access funds in their start-up phase.

“The keys to successfully raising capital is to know your business, understand what investors are looking for and standing out from the crowd,” Chairman of Capital Angels, Michele Troni said.

“When putting their money behind a venture, investors are looking for a well developed and tested idea, a good understanding of the relevant market, a qualified and enthusiastic team, scalability and a clear exit strategy.”

“If we can help early-stage Canberra businesses gain a better understanding of the funding environment, and hear the experiences of those who have gone down the funding path before, then those new business operators stand a better chance of not only surviving, but excelling.”

“A number of Canberra companies have already achieved excellent results, proving that our city has what it takes to turn innovative ideas into winning businesses.”

Minister for Economic Development, Andrew Barr said, “The Gallagher Government is committed to supporting innovation, entrepreneurship; and the Government’s Business Development Strategy contains numerous initiatives to support businesses. He said that it was important that there was a clear funding path for the creation of new innovative businesses which would help to diversify Canberra’s economy. “

The event was sponsored by the Citadel Group and the Canberra Airport – two Canberra success stories and examples of what local businesses can aspire to.

The Act Government contributed $15,000 in seed funding and a further $5000 to establish the Capital Angels website.

Capital Angels is a private sector driven investor initiative which was formed in 2005 to provide a forum for high-net worth individuals to proactively support the region’s entrepreneurs by providing investment and business support. The ACT Government contributed $15,000 in seed funding and a further $5000 to establish the Capital Angels website.