April 2014 Issue 92

How to reach your audience online

B2B Editor27 March 2014

How to reach your audience online

Google is pretty clever when it comes to delivering relevant content to web users. You might have noticed that when you search for a phrase on your office computer, you get a different set of results to when you search for the same phrase at home. You can thank Google for that.

When you search for something online, you are shown a set of results based on factors including; your current location, your search history, themes of emails in your Gmail account, and of course paid advertising placement from Google AdWords.

As an advertiser, you can harness this technology to better reach the right customers for your products and services. Last month I introduced you to the Google Search Network, and now I think you are all ready for a brief introduction to the Google Display Network.

The Google Display Network enables you to identify potential customers based on their past behavior and target sections of other websites to display your ads, not just in the Google search results pages.

Ads on the Display Network can either be basic text ads or image ads. The important thing to note is that you can find new customers while they are viewing other webpages, which feature content of a particular theme or subject, related to your advertising campaign. Your ads are eligible to be shown on these websites to generate new sales leads for your business.

For example: let’s say you manage a medical practice specialising in the treatment of sporting injuries. You know that your patients are into cycling and that there are websites and forums related to that subject. Many of these websites are feeding ads from the Google Display Network and you may want to consider setting up a Display campaign to target websites featuring “cycling” themes and keywords to promote your medical services for cyclists.

Remember, Google does not charge you to show your ads to potential leads, only when someone actually clicks on your ad and continues through to your website.

Next month we will cover the exciting world of “re-marketing”. This is my personal favorite of all the online marketing tools as it allows you to follow up on lost leads from your website traffic and chase potential customers all over the Internet with creative image banner advertising.

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Damian Schroeter is the director of design and advertising & Google partner at nFlame Creative. Consultation by appointment only: Phone: 02 6249 8694 or [email protected] www.nflame.com.au/AdWords