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Sharon began her career in studying for a degree in journalism, majoring in photography and linguistics. She went on to obtain a post-graduate qualification in communications. Since then, she has worked in the public, private and community sectors as a professional journalist and public relations manager. Her areas of interest are property, business, the startup sector, community, and motoring.

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Bendigo Bank backs small businesses post-COVID-19
Canberra’s housing market is showing no signs of a slowdown and customers with mortgages are not defaulting or in housing stress, according to Bendigo Bank mobile relationship managers Bryan Dacey and Peter Grady. They attribute the absence of mortgage delinquency in Canberra to strong employment figures, but they say when COVID-19 lockdown measures came into effect, they also proactively reached out to small businesses to ensure they were aware of the options...
Georgia is a plumber of the future and a Rheem Apprentice Grant recipient
Tarago resident Georgia Ugov is wasting no time getting on with her career. The 17-year-old is a first-year apprentice plumber with Queanbeyan-based Simmo's Plumbing who applied for the Rheem Apprentice Plumber Grants to help pay for her tools and tuition fees. She is one of only 10 people to receive the grant, which is given to chosen apprentices who demonstrate commitment to...
Bianca Way joins the team at home.byholly
https://youtu.be/CeQs3lGjQIw With a passion for storytelling, a lifelong obsession with property, a secret side hustle as a writer, a sprinkling of TikTok fame and years as a wedding celebrant, Bianca Way has the most well-equipped skill set for real estate. She's also home.byholly's new superstar agent. She is a born and bred Canberra girl who grew up in Tuggeranong, and...
Tech-savvy agents lead the way in sales in the new world of social distancing
Expert Advice
In the current world where social distancing is mandatory and open houses and auctions are no longer allowed, many real estate agents are struggling to find new ways to do business and avoid a downturn in the property industry. But some agents, such as Jonny Warren, Fiona Murray and Tom Osborne at Independent Inner North & City, have long been using...
Local knowledge makes all the difference for one of Australia’s best insurance brokers
Local Leaders
Perhaps it is because Lara Morgan was born and raised in Canberra that she is so good at what she does. Working as an insurance broker, her local knowledge is essential when talking to clients about their business needs. She has a complete and thorough understanding of the environment in which ACT businesses operate, and the culture of the nation’s...
Local developers call for rates and land tax relief to keep economic engine rolling
Canberra developers have called for rates and land tax relief as part of a stimulus package for Canberra's economy, saying that it is critical that construction continues to keep the local economy rolling. Property Council CEO Adina Cirson said she has been in talks with the Canberra Business Chamber and the Master Builders Association about construction's role in the post-COVID-19...
Legal limbo leaves temporary visa holders stranded with no income
Canberra hospitality workers on temporary visas who were stood down this week are without an income and bleak prospects in Australia. Under the conditions of some visas, like those in hospitality and international students, they have 60 days to find alternative work in the same industry with an employer willing to sponsor them, which seems unlikely given the downturn in...
allinsure stands out with six finalists in insurance industry awards
The insurance broking industry is about to celebrate its best and brightest at the Insurance Business Australia Awards. Finalists were announced earlier this month, and it's a sign you're doing something right as a business when you and your team are named as finalists in six categories. In fact, almost all Canberra's finalists can be found at the one insurance...
Enabler Interactive is changing attitudes to disability in three dimensions
Local Leaders
Huy Nguyen graduated as an engineer from the Australian National University in 2014. In the same year became Canberra’s Young Australian of the Year. Huy calls himself a ‘humanitarian engineer’, working to find solutions for people with a disability by using his engineering skills, innovative technology and a personal passion for change to find technological solutions to barriers faced by...