Issue 112 February 2016


B2B Editor4 February 2016


In 2016 we celebrate 10 years of publishing B2B Magazine. We have seen a lot in those 10 years and have many people, and businesses, to thank for their support during that time. First, some observations of changes in the publishing industry. The most obvious from my perspective is the rapid advance of technology both in the way B2B is produced and also in the way it is distributed. Large documents and images are sent and received at a click of a button and collaboration takes place in real time, from different locations, with both, clients and suppliers. Our printers have undergone a revolution in how they do business. Mainly through massive consolidation and also through the introduction of digital printing, availability of paper and expanded services. B2B Magazine is also more widely distributed and read than ever before. Thanks to Australia Post, we go directly to thousands of businesses each month. We go into caf s across the ACT and into Qantas lounges across Australia. But the biggest change has been our online presence. We have a content rich website at and extensive social media coverage through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This will be a great year for B2B Magazine. We have many things planned to celebrate our first decade in publication. These include the introduction of a B2B Business Club and a range of products and services that will fl ow from this and a closer relationship between our print and online presence.

This month’s cover story features Power Protect. This is a great business that ensures power quality and reliability to the region and beyond. Jason Marriott, and his team, service and maintain the big diesel generators that sit in basements for the day power cuts out and a backup is needed to kick in … but they do much more than this. A great company doing important work.

Tim Benson, Publisher
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