Issue 114 April 2016


B2B Editor7 April 2016


Game of Thrones has a lot to answer for. I’m sure that it has certainly spiced up a lot of sex lives and given some of us sore necks as we peer, head tilted, wide eyed and open mouthed at the screen. But what is it that is at the chore of the success of this fabulous show? I believe it is the looming deadline of Winter. ‘Winter is coming’. Nothing focuses the mind better than a deadline. A looming deadline makes you reverse engineer the things you need to do meet your deadline and achieve your goal. It makes you set lists and goals and allocate tasks and resources. It makes you build alliances and prioritise and manage your time. Deadlines make you reassess the priorities in your life so that you can make your deadline and achieve the best result possible.Deadlines make you look at what is important: friends, family,relationships, money etc. Deadlines will get closer and closer and as they do your focus will narrow and your determination will become stronger. Your team will focus as the funnel narrows and the deadline becomes clearer and starts to burn more brightly. Things that seemed important will be jettisoned. Better, faster and more efficient ways will be found to achieve tasks. You and your team will be singularly focused on meeting the deadline. Your business will run like a well oiled machine.Everyone focused and pointing in the same direction. There will be setbacks, there will be issues to resolve, there will be failure. But set deadlines, put in place the structures, people and resources to achieve them and take the first step on an exciting journey. It may not include orgies, dragons and control of the Iron Throne but, Winter is coming. Why not set some goals you want to achieve by the first day of Winter?

Our cover story ‘Back in Town’ is a great story about Peter and Ross Beames and David Rae journeying to Batemans Bay for 12 months and then bringing their new business, DPR Accountants and Advisors, back to Canberra (page 19).

Tim Benson, Publisher
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