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How will I change the organisation?

B2B Editor13 June 2017

How will I change the organisation?

I’ll change me! That’s how I will change the organisation for the better.
Very rarely heard are these words “I’ll change me” to improve the organisation.
Tip: Families are no different, mum and dad if YOU change YOU the fruit you harvest will be sweeter.

Tell me, why do you invest so little into YOU when you are the only person in the world you can truly control? Self-development is key to living a fulfilled life and to having a successful family/career/business. Are you telling yourself that I will implement another new “Training Programme” and things will get better?

Training is a great way to teach for e.g.: policies, procedures and systems to managers and employees. Employee’s need to follow managers who manage best when sameness is inflexible. A problem in business today, is they recruit based on CV, friendship and Salary and we play follow the follower.

Leaders build leaders, you cannot train this. Leaders are born of great CHARACTER born promote others ahead of themselves. Bosses are born to tell people what to think and when to think, rendering the organisation stagnate.

LEADERS are the fertiliser of a company’s sustainable crop for the future.

Train on policies, procedures and systems – NOT Leadership.

Leadership is a journey, you are only as good at Leading as the last personal level you have mastered. Now, do you understand why YOU do or do not attract the people who talk and walk a good game? It’s all about YOU.

Here is some of your pain documented:

  • People not taking responsibility for their actions
  • People throwing their fellow employees “under the bus”
  • People showing up late
  • People with no respect for the rules or management
  • People who don’t follow company systems and procedures
  • People who do not invest in themselves

Beliefs multiplied by All Behaviours = ALL YOUR RESULTS in your business.

After 25 years of observing interactions and conversations between leaders and their people, I have come to understand that there is a direct correlation between self-concept and success.

When the leader does not have confidence in him or herself they will struggle to communicate the needs of the business.

  • Communication check #1: Top lining information This causes people on the receiving end of a communication to be a “mind-reader” or guess as to what is being requested of them. Details are left out or are at best, vague. The recipient, for many reasons, fails to ask follow-up questions to get specifics. They then are left to figure it out on their own.”perception is not reality” How many times have you communicated an idea and ended up with NOT THAT?
  • Communication check #2: Behavioural bullets People are great at saying what they don’t want or what they don’t want others to do. BUT have challenges identifying the behaviours they want instead. Where your focus goes energy flows. So, people are getting more of what they don’t want than ever before because they continue to focus on “what they don’t want”.

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