Why would you work anywhere else?

Karyn Starmer21 October 2020
Tathra Beachside

With so many amazing locations available, not in the office does not have to mean at home. Photo: David Rogers.

With an ad featuring an array of tempting locations aiming to convince Australians to never go back to the office, Synergy Group’s creativeXpeople won The Pitch competition on this week’s episode of the ABC’s Gruen.

Marking the team’s third entry on the show, Synergy Group creative director Jason Perelson says this was the team’s first full win.

“We shared the trophy the first time we entered but we get the whole trophy this time,” Jason said.

Jason says The Pitch competition is challenging, with a tough turnaround deadline.

“Usually they give agencies only four weeks to complete the entry but this season, because of COVID-19, they allowed us six weeks.

“To begin, we worked up and submitted three concepts to the show’s producers with host Wil Anderson having the final say on which one to develop. From there, it is an incredibly tight turnaround,” Jason explained.

“The brief was to convince Australians to never go back to the office and it provided an opportunity for us to examine what it really would mean to work anywhere but the office.

“Here at Synergy Group, we had already embraced flexible working but this project got us thinking and exploring the opportunities open to us if we actively get to choose where to work.

“With so many amazing locations available to us, not in the office does not have to mean at home. We can work in a forest or on the road or a house on the coast. Why would you work anywhere else?” Jason said.

The team totally committed to the project and have set up a live website Work From Anywhere

“This is a topic we’d already thought a lot about. We’d even developed a webinar series on the topic. So along with the TV ad, we worked up a full campaign. We did it all, even billboards and transport takeovers.

“We have been talking about flexible work for so long we thought, let’s commit and fight to not go back, let’s actually make this happen.”

Original Article published by Karyn Starmer on The RiotACT.

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