Why the hell would you choose a career in recruitment?

B2B Editor13 May 2016

Why the hell would you choose a career in recruitment?

This is a question I have been asked too many times to count. So how did I end up in recruitment? How does anyone? My answer to this is like many others in the profession…I stumbled into it and put simply….it just fits.
A more constructive question however would be, what have I gained from the experience, and why would I recommend this career path to others? So in answer to your burning question, here are some great reasons why you might consider a career in recruitment:

You need a job where you achieve outcomes…..everyday

Do you get frustrated by bureaucracy, red tape or inefficient processes?
Recruitment is a rapidly evolving industry where new technologies and new approaches to communication emerge constantly. It is a competitive industry where working smarter each year is a must, and top performing companies embrace innovation. Therefore a healthy recruitment business loves new ideas and is constantly looking for the team to help drive more efficient ways of working and will empower their staff to improve how you work.

Do you get a real buzz from your achievements?
When you secure the ideal professional to fill a critical role in an organisation, there is a tremendous sense of satisfaction. Most long term recruiters still list this as critical motivator for all their hard work,and these somewhat ‘addictive outcomes’ seem to never wear old.

You are fascinated by human and organisational behaviour
Looking to rapidly build your perception and emotional intelligence capabilities?

Very early in your recruitment career you will have the opportunity to interact with exciting, high achieving people and work across a huge range of different organisations. As you work your way from recruiting for HR Officers to Hiring Managers and then to Senior Executives, you experience unparalleled access to masses of information about how successful organisations are run, and how top people achieve their goals. An insightful and adaptable recruiter will never stop learning, and intrinsically understands what makes talent rise to the top.

You want a role that makes an impact on people’s lives

Along with getting married or buying a house, landing a great job is one of those major moments that has a massive impact on your life. Whilst we can’t find everyone their ideal job, we can certainly help counsel and guide them toward the right path and achieve their goals. It is this opportunity to make a real impact that helps great recruiters to stay passionate and committed to excellence in their roles.

You seek strong financial independence or to build personal wealth?

Strong recruiters are paid well, it is that simple. And the harder you work, the more you are paid. Whilst the work can be strenuous and very challenging, there are very few careers that give you as much control over what you earn as recruitment. It is not unusual to see a high performing recruiter in their late 20’s or early 30’s punching above their weight with their own home and multiple investment properties.

You love variety in your word day

The life of a recruiter is a busy and varied one. At any one time you will be working multiple assignments across multiple industries with a wide range of stakeholders and daily deadlines. The great thing however is that as you work through the ranks towards your own ‘business within the business’, you not only gain more control over this dynamic, you also achieve a lot of freedom over the ‘what and when’ of your daily workload.

You want to build consulting capabilities, sell knowledge not a product

Whilst there is a strong sales element to a career in recruitment, the further down your career path you go, the more you built consultative relationships and you will no longer need to chase work. Whilst placing people in jobs could be seen as a product, what we are really selling are our consulting skills, our knowledge and our networks.

Global and National career opportunities

Ask any Recruitment Manager or business owner what is the biggest challenge in their role, and they will tell you it is accessing high quality Recruitment Consultants. This means that once you have established a strong track record of performance, the world is your oyster. If you don’t believe me, jump on SEEK or Monster and look at recruitment jobs in any major city worldwide.

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