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Weight loss for life

B2B Editor7 November 2013

Weight loss for life

McDonaldization is a term used to describe a society with a fast food culture. Although the number of fast food restaurants in Australia don’t compare to the high number of restaurants in America, health statistics indicate obesity is becoming more prevalent as Australia becomes more industrialized. According to the Australia Bureau of Statistics (ABS) in 1995, 57% of adults were considered overweight or obese. In 2008, adults that were considered overweight or obese increased to 61%. Of greater concern, it seems that our population is gaining weight faster, with the obese category increasing from 19% to 24% from 1995 to 2008.

These alarming statistics has seen our society intervene in a variety of ways; some interventions being beneficial and some causing more harm than good in a societal contexts.

Currently, our vision to regain control of our weight as a society has seen “weight loss” as a profitable market. Consequently, the push to create the quickest weight loss strategy has caused confusion in our society. Understanding what to do or what to consume, has seen those wanting to lose weight fall short or their desired identity.

Weight loss is simple. However, there is one ingredient these fast weight loss strategies left out. This single ingredient can cause us to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight for life.

I’m referring to “time”. I see too many people look for a quick fix and weight loss either turns into weight gain or the yo-yo phenomenon were weight is gone then back again before you know it.

There are two rules when it comes to sustainable weight loss.

1) Seek a health professional that has completed a university health degree.

Advice from someone who has completed a 10-week short course in fitness may not have the knowledge to lead you in the right direction. A university graduate with a health degree has over 3 years worth of knowledge in a variety of health disciplines. For this reason they are able to adapt a weight-loss strategy based on scientific evidence to suit you.

2) Take the advice health professionals offer and put it into practice.

This is where fast weight-loss programs go wrong. We forget health management is a skill. Practicing a healthy lifestyle in a dynamic society may seem difficult at the initial stages of your health kick. However, with continuous practice you’ll soon be able to manage healthy practices and manage your weight for life. To encourage your health kick this October and November, Healthy Identity is offering the community group workouts and healthy weight loss, nutrition and lifestyle consultations. If you or your workforce is contemplating on being healthy this spring, please get in touch as we would love to help. For more information on any of our health programs send a email to [email protected], call me on 0423 366 014 or visit

Robbie Manzano is founder and managing director of Healthy Identity. Robbie has degrees in Human Nutrition and Coaching Science from the University of Canberra and has completed a Graduate Certificate Public Health from Curtin University.[email protected] 0423 366 014