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B2B Editor1 May 2013
The Gillespie Group is a team ofaccountants and financial advisors who offer a wide range of expertiseand experience in the world ofbusiness, taxation, wealth creation andfinance. They are focussed and committed toproviding the highest levels of personalisedsupport to their clients and, like OPC, theyunderstand that people and their businessesare unique and require timely and accuratesolutions tailored to suit their individualneeds. Their clients, like OPC’s, come in all shapes and sizes.
OPC has been supplying the GillespieGroup with their hardware and IT supportservices since 1989. Our business philosophiesare similar in that we understand that thereis no such thing as one size fits all when itcomes to financial services or IT. We arecommitted to excellence in our respectivefields and believe that working in partnershipwith our clients is critical.
“Effective IT support is aboutunderstanding the business imperativesof an organisation and being flexibleto meet those needs” said Brett Norton,Managing Director OPC IT
Being client-focussed requires innovation,flexibility and adaptability. In order to beable to provide its myriad of services to its multitude of clients, Gillespie’s has relied onOPC to look after the information hub of itsbusiness – its IT infrastructure. OPC providesa tailored Managed Service Solution (MSS) to Gillespie’s that ensures its internal operationsand remote accessibility is performingperfectly at all times. Gillespie’s have alsoengaged OPC’s skills for several majorinfrastructure projects over the years.
“OPC has provided Gillespie Groupwith professional and reliable IT servicesfor over 24 years. Without OPC’sstrong systems and support we wouldnot be able to provide our clients withthe high quality financial services wepride ourselves on” said John Gillespie,Principal Gillespie Group.
Since 1985 OPC has become synonymous with the provision of the highest standards oftechnical services and provision of business solutions throughout Canberra and the surrounding regions.
OPC offers end- to- end IT support
* Fully Managed IT Services
* Project Management & Consulting
* VMware Server & Desktop Virtualisation
* Helpdesk & Service Desk Support
* Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
* Procurement Services* Dell Server & Storage Solutions
* Desktop, Laptop and Mobile devices
* Website Design & Development
* Custom Drupal Development
* Panoptic Monitoring & Website Hosting
* Accessibility Compliance Testing
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