Transformation continues at the ACT Law Courts

B2B Editor31 January 2017

Following yesterday’s Commencement of the 2017 Legal Year Ceremony, Attorney-General Gordon Ramsay has today reaffirmed the Government’s commitment to the ACT Law Courts. This will strengthen operations to improve access to justice for the ACT community.

The latest Report on Government Services, released today, shows the backlog of cases in the ACT Law Courts has reduced significantly over the past five years.

“The ACT Government is committed to strengthening the capacity of the Courts to maintain and build on these improvements through a number of initiatives,” Mr Ramsay said.

“This includes the construction of a modern courts facility, the implementation of the new Integrated Case Management System and legislative reforms to support active case management.

“The new facility will allow up to five jury trials to be held at the same time and every courtroom will have state-of-the-art technologies to support the efficient conduct of cases”.

The Supreme Court and Magistrates Court generally maintained their clearance rates in 2015-16 and continued to reduce the number and age of pending cases in both the criminal and civil jurisdictions.

There were also significant improvements in the criminal and civil clearance rates in the Children’s Court, with large reductions in the number of pending cases.

The new case management system will enable the courts to monitor and manage their cases more effectively, generate orders and related documents in court and deliver a range of online services.

“The ACT Government recognises the enormous progress that has been made at the ACT Law Courts to reduce backlogs, finalise matters in a timely manner and improve service delivery for the community,” Mr Ramsay said.

“I am confident that further improvements will be realised as major projects are completed and procedural reforms implemented.”

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