Top 3 reasons people fail at business networking

B2B Editor24 March 2017

Top 3 reasons people fail at business networking

Top 3 reasons people fail at business networking.

By Tim Benson, publisher B2B Magazine.

As the owner and publisher of B2B Magazine for more that a decade, I have attended, hundreds, if not thousands, of business networking events (If you go back even further to the decade I worked as a political adviser, then add another kazillion events that I have attended).

I’ve been to well organised networking events and I’ve attended appalling networking events. I’ve met great networkers and I’ve met terrible networkers.

At these events I’ve met people that consider themselves to be excellent salespeople, but in reality you run screaming from them feeling that you have been violated and need a good hot shower. And at the other end there are those that are only there for the drinks and canap s.

So what then are the 3 greatest reasons, according to me, why people fail at business networking:

  1. Standing in a circle talking to your work colleagues

This is the number one reason most people fail at business networking. Why go to a networking function if all you are going to do is talk to your colleagues from work? If you are going to go, speak to as many people in the room as you can. Don’t get stuck with friends or colleagues.

2. Seeing the same people at the same function

The whole idea of networking is to meet new people and potentially new clients. Yet, many people go to the same networking function each month and see the same people – sometimes for years on end. Attending networking events is not the same as joining a social club.

3. Not having any business cards

Yep, stuns me every time. Why go to a networking function when you are not prepared to give your contact details out? I meet so many people at networking events that it is essential that I have their business card to remember them by and to follow them up. if you don’t have any business cards there is no point in attending networking functions.

In conclusion:

So there you go, if you are going to give up your precious after hours time to networking, then you better make it count. Start by addressing these three major networking faux pas and your networking is bound to improve.

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