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Toni Morrison from allinsure is helping businesses get ahead

Wendy Johnson9 November 2020
Toni Morrison from allinsure.

Toni Morrison, who grew up in Queanbeyan, gets a buzz out of helping businesses with their insurance needs. Photo: Michelle Kroll.

When Toni Morrison is asked what she loves most about her job as an insurance broker at allinsure she hesitates, but only because there’s so much to love.

Toni has been in the insurance broking industry for more than two decades and getting to the office every morning to help businesses with their insurance needs still floats her boat.

“It’s a very social industry, which I like,” says Toni, who grew up in Queanbeyan and knows the region well. “I’m always meeting new people, being introduced to new industries and learning new things. I’m also fortunate to work in a great team environment at allinsure. We have lots of fun and lots of laughs.”

Insurance is vital to every business, but it can be challenging to understand, which is why choosing the right insurance partner is so important. Toni’s job is to work with clients to get an accurate picture of their needs. She then custom matches their needs with the right policy at the right price so businesses can operate without fear of interruption or loss.

“Clients can understandably find it confusing and time consuming to sift through policies to determine what’s included in a policy, what’s not, and what the lengthy terms and conditions mean,” she says. “Insurance isn’t always easy to understand. The terminology can be complex, which is why at allinsure we wind matters back to basics and explain everything in plain language. This way, businesses can make informed decisions about how to protect themselves.”

Part of Toni’s joy is learning what clients do and watching them grow. “There are so many amazing people out there doing amazing things, and making the right insurance choices is part of their business success,” she says.

Toni also gets a buzz out of supporting clients to navigate the claims process, which can be daunting and have huge repercussions.

“Not all outcomes are rainbows and unicorns, but it’s still important for clients to have someone in their court advocating for them,” she says. “Getting the right claims outcome can make or break a business. It can be a shock at claim time if the policy isn’t right from the start.”

One small cafe in Canberra knows the value of having a broker “in their shoes”. In January 2020, just before COVID-19 hit, the cafe’s machinery broke down. The insurance company was firm they wouldn’t replace it, which meant the cafe potentially faced closure. During a three month period, Toni worked with the insurer, pulling all the parties involved together. The outcome was that the insurer overturned its decision and replaced the machinery. This saved the client thousands of dollars and enabled the cafe to keep running.

“We had a deeper knowledge of the policy wording and a deeper understanding of the way the industry works,” says Toni. “We’re in a position to pull all parties involved together, such as the underwriter, claims person, assessor and others. This saves clients’ time and reduces stress levels. Achieving the best possible claims outcome frees clients to focus on what drove them to be in business in the first place.”

Toni says insurance wasn’t a conscious career choice. She was aged 19 when she entered the industry as an administrative assistant at QBE Insurance Group.

“At the time, QBE had a large office in Canberra,” she says. “I just wanted a job and fell into insurance. I was lucky to have a supportive, awesome manager and have stayed in the industry with no regrets.”

Toni says there’s never a dull moment at allinsure, which has been operating since 2007. COVID-19 has ramped up matters considerably.

With COVID-19, Toni says it’s time for clients to review their insurance documents, to reality check if they’re over or underinsured.

“If something goes wrong and you don’t have the right type and level of insurance, you can fall short, which is a double whammy in times like these,” she says.

Recharging the batteries is important for Toni, who lives at Mount Fairy, near Bungendore in regional NSW. She enjoys living off the beaten track.

“I’ve always loved the idea of lots of space, fresh air and peace and quiet,” she says.

Whatever risks your business faces, allinsure can help you customise the ideal insurance solution to protect your livelihood and give you peace of mind. Discover how partnering with allinsure can take the stress out of insurance and let you focus on running your business.

Original Article published by Wendy Johnson on The RiotACT.

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