April 2013 Issue 81

To App or not to App?

B2B Editor1 April 2013

As the digital revolution marches inexorably to a tune most of us can’t keep up with, the latest exponential growth occurs with the uptake of mobile, smart technology. The increased use of tablets/smart phones has led to an explosion in the development of Applications, serving the consumers who demand them. Business is no different.

According to David K. Williams, who writes for Forbes.com, many popular Apps for business can contribute to increased productivity. He cites a list of ten such useful Applications.

PC magazine also gives their vote to the Top 25 Business Apps well worth examining. Google Apps For Business also need a look in, of course, as leaders in the field.

But it’s not just about being a consumer of Apps. As a business owner, you should give some consideration to cashing in on rapidly rising business trends.

Can you imagine what it would be like if you had an App for your business? Just imagine all your customers who owned a smart device used your App regularly. And then imagine it drove business through your business door every single day! It’s possible and it happens.

Now you may think that it’s outrageously expensive. But it doesn’t have to be. You may think that you need to go offshore to hire developers and that’s fraught with problems. But you don’t have to. You might think that you are not technical enough to implement such a step. But you don’t need to be. You simply have to hire someone who is.

In fact, if you have an imagination and you know what your customers like, need or want, there are options. You could hire a freelance developer, who can work with you remotely, but within Australia. Or you might like to engage a firm right here in the ACT, which specialises in Apps development, has local business knowledge and who can make your ideas a reality. Planet Media in Phillip are one such firm. In fact there are quite a few. It doesn’t hurt to investigate the possibilities.

Then you can decide whether to App or Not to App!

Suzanne Kiraly (Digital Consultant, Business Storyteller & Social Media Trainer)

[email protected]