Time for Labor to keep its head down and gloves up …

B2B Editor1 March 2017

Comment by Tim Benson B2B Magazine Publisher.

Time for Labor to keep its head down and gloves up …

Having worked as a political adviser for over a decade (for my sins, in my misspent youth), I was made aware of a boxing analogy that is most sage advice for oppositions and that is to ‘Keep your head down and gloves up and occasionally, when the opportunity arises, land a big punch, then get your head back down again’.

Now is the time for Federal Labor to keep its head down. The Coalition is doing a splendid job of ‘punching itself repeatedly in it’s own head’ (and probably a few below the belt for good measure).

For the life of me I can’t understand why the Coalition is doing what it’s doing. My gut feeling (quite considerable feeling), is that the clear majority of the community would be happy for the coalition to get on and govern and implement policy, and not hear from them for a good 12 to 18 months. Quite frankly there is enough colour and movement going on with President Trump that we are all a bit shell shocked. It would take quite an event to top some of the jaw dropping daily events that are being served up to the international media.

So, we continue to live in interesting times … a Federal Government that is beating itself up for no reason and a Federal Opposition that probably can’t help getting into the ring and bringing the attention back on itself.

Time to get some popcorn, sit back and enjoy the next round.

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