Issue 123 February 2017


B2B Editor10 February 2017


Some of us aspire to become ‘trusted advisors’. But what does this mean and how does one attain such lofty status. Well, unfortunately, you are not born a ‘trusted advisor’. You have to work your way up to this valuable position. You have to, in fact, earn this level of trust. So, what is a ‘trusted advisor’.

The term came about in 2001 when a book called ‘The Trusted Advisor’ was written by David H Maister, Charles H Green and Robert M Galford. Basically (read the book), it’s all about earning a level of trust with your clients that takes a lot of the administration and groundwork out of the relationship. It also blends the personal and business sides of a relationship so that real life decisions can be made quickly between people with a deep bond and understanding of each other – in their best interests. Well that’s my interpretation anyway. Why is this important. Well, in a small City State like Canberra, relationships matter. Reputation matters.Trust matters.

Chances are, if you stay in business, you will be doing business with the same people for decades. Better you develop a relationship as a ‘trusted advisor’ and become a critical part of each other’s success, then the alternative. In my business, as a magazine publisher, I strive to have the role as a ‘trusted advisor’ with my clients. Sometimes it means making decisions and providing advice to clients that is not, in the short term, advantageous to my business. But it is far more important to do this and maintain trust and a relationship than any short-term achievement that could ruin a long and, mutually, profitable association.

This issues cover story features Cadence Performance Solutions, a great IT business that is tapping into the multi-billion dollars IT contracting opportunities that exist within the Federal Government in Canberra.

PS Sayonara to that horrible blight on the landscape on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin that was made from containers.

Tim Benson, Publisher

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