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The top 10 mistakes managers make when hiring

B2B Editor1 May 2013

The top 10 mistakes managers make when hiring

1. Look Deeper A lot of excellent talent was downsized during theGFC and more recent times. Look deeper into what the candidatehas been doing with that time off – it might be an eye opener.

2. Talking too much Sure, it’s natural to want to talk about yourbusiness when hiring. We like and should talk about our expectationsand management style, but it’s just as important for us to listen, andthen probe deeper based on the answers you hear. Remember, twoears – one mouth!

3. R-E-S-P-E-C-T Respect the interview process and your candidate.They have taken time to arrive on time so don’t be late. We’re allbusy but imagine the impression you’ll leave on your candidates.
4. Scare tactics This amounts to self-sabotage. Every job haschallenges, but there are ways of framing those. Be truthful but mixthe good with the bad
5. Don’t lead them on Pretending to be interested after the interviewjust to avoid being uncomfortable is spurious and disrespectful. Behonest in your interview feedback. Acknowledge their strengths butalso let them know if their depth of skills aren’t the right fit for you atthis point.
6. What’s in it for them? Most managers are quick to list what theyneed in a candidate, but they also need to be able to explain why theposition is a good fit for the candidate.
7. Show me the money Some managers think that as long as theyknow the salary range and the candidate’s salary history, they haveenough to justify a low-ball offer. But managers need to considermarket data to ensure that you can attract the best candidate atmarket rate.
8. Understand the legal and risk management issues Don’t ask,”Who will look after your children when you return to work?” or “Areyou planning on having another baby?” Encourage your managersto represent your company with professionalism and to be aware oflegal and risk management issues in interviewing and recruiting.
9. Be professional and decisive You may need to interview twice -maybe three times, however ensure that you do this with expedienceand value the candidate’s time and their own processes.
10. Be honest to your word If there is an unavoidable delay betweenthe offer and the start date, keep your new employee engaged