The power of outdoor media

B2B Editor20 October 2015

Big Impact Advertising is Canberra’s premiere outdoor advertising specialist. With over 6 years of experience in delivering Outdoor Media solutions to Canberra businesses,Managing Director, Tamer Bakr, and Business Development Manager, Matthew Turner, have developed a wealth of knowledge which they are keen to share with Government and businesses in the ACT.

“We love Canberra and its business sector, we want it to succeed just as much as any other business owner in the region and we believe we have one of the key ingredients to the recipe for success when it comes to advertising.” Bakr said.

This ingredient is Outdoor Media according to the team at Big Impact and as evidenced by their many satisfied clients.

Many businesses and Government departments are turning to Big Impact Advertising to find a new and unique way of taking their creative messages to the public. It can be very hard in the ACT to run an effective advertising campaign.Some demographics don’t go online or use social media, others don’t watch television or listen to the radio and some are so tech savvy they don’t read print anymore. How can you reach all of these people with an affordable solution that sees a high return on investment? Through the power Outdoor Media.

Outdoor Media has the ability to broadcast widely and capture a large audience, particularly in the ACT where great cut-through is achieved as there are no competing billboards. A campaign with Big Impact can reach the masses yet it can also be focused, connecting with a targeted audience due to its location-based nature or unique demographic appeal through creative artwork. Big Impact’s media is comprised of static, scrolling, digital and mobile advertising formats. This makes their approach to advertising very flexible and effective. Their media can follow the crowds,attend local events taking advantage of captive audiences yet still have a permanent presence in the major catchment areas of Canberra where people spend their time. Big Impact can implement long term branding campaigns but also works well with short term and last minute promotions.

“Big Impact Advertising really do go the extra mile to ensure that you get what you paid for. They advertise during peak hours (depending on where they are situated) to obtain maximum attention.They continuously follow up so they can be certain that the areas that they are targeting are getting results. BIA is an absolute pleasure to deal with, they provide fantastic customer service, are always available, easily approachable and the service is unmatched. They are genuinely trying to help you grow your business and not just theirs. We have received many comments and feedback from the advertising so we believe that this form of branding is beneficial.” (Chris Comb, Managing Director, Wok It Up Noodle Bar).

“Connexxion have been using Big Impact for over two and a half years now after we
put our first digital display on the old screen at the National Convention Centre (NCC). We moved over to two screens in Fyshwick a year later and then returned to the NCC this year when the new screen was in place.Throughout this time Tamar, Matt and the team at Big Impact have been great and have allowed us to refresh the screens at any time,and over Christmas last year on a daily basis.We were even able to fulfil the wish of a staff member who wanted to see his photo on the big screen alongside our office signage.

The team at Big Impact have also provided other options for getting the Connexxion
brand in the market place, including two trucks with Connexxion signage currently
driving around Canberra and spotted at local events. These were recently seen at the Government Technology Expo where we received feedback that we had better exposure than some who were sponsoring the event. We thank the team at Big Impact and look forward to continuing with them into the future.” (Charmaine Daniel,CFO, Connexxion)

The Outdoor Media Association of Australia (OMA) has conducted research that shows that advertising campaigns run with over 15% of the total spend on Outdoor Media have a higher return on investment compared to those that ignore the ever present form of media. The OMA’s research also shows that when Outdoor Media is used as a media multiplier in conjunction with mediums such as television, radio and online,it has the ability to extend a campaigns half-life by up to 30%. Research from Nielsen also shows that 86% of people agree that Outdoor Media makes brands stand out.

“These are statistics that businesses cannot afford to ignore. The Outdoor Media
industry is the oldest and still one of the fastest growing forms of media in Australia
and as the population of Canberra grows, so does the power of outdoor advertising. While other mediums are becoming diluted and less prominent, Outdoor Media continues to catch more eyes and isn’t that what advertising is all about?” said Turner.

So if you have been looking for that innovative difference in your business’ approach to advertising, then speak to Tamer and Matt at Big Impact Advertising and see how their hard working, clear, affordable and knowledgeable approach to outdoor advertising can add value to your business here in Canberra.

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