The marketing power of a website

B2B Editor14 October 2013

The marketing power of a website

At Canberra Web, we specialise in visually stunning, organically optimised websites that rank highly in search engines and convert visitors into clients.


Successful business marketing requires an understanding of your target market – how do they find the products and services that they need? There are many avenues a business can pursue to increase the exposure of their brand; print, television and radio advertisements are all well established marketing tools. In recent years, these stalwarts have been joined by a new stable mate: the Internet.

The majority of people are now using Internet search engines to find what they need, and businesses need to shift their marketing focus to tap into the terrific potential of the Internet.

A well designed and built website is the primary online identity for most businesses. Incorporating the keywords that potential customers use to search for the things you sell will drive traffic to your site to make that all-important first contact. This process, known as ‘organic search engine optimization’ is at the core of using a website as a marketing tool.


Why should a business put time and effort into organic search engine optimisation when they can pay to have a link to their website appear on the first page of search results? There are many reasons to pursue organic SEO.

Paid search engine links only show for as long as they are being paid for, then they disappear as if they never existed, leaving no lasting improvement in the ranking of your website. Advertising through paid links can end up being very expensive. Some highly sought after keywords can cost the advertiser well over $20 for every person that clicks on the paid link, and you are still left with the job of converting that visitor into a sale.

An investment in organic search engine optimization will help your website generate more leads over time as the site gains page ranking. Carefully built, optimised websites tend to climb the search engine rankings steadily and hold their place without high ongoing costs. Ranking highly in organic search results is a more reliable marketing strategy. Many users deliberately ignore sponsored links specifically because they have been paid for. Of course, no matter how you get the traffic, your website still needs to impress visitors so you can convert them into sales.


Effective online marketing is about more than just being found online. You need a stylish, modern website which makes it easy for visitors to find the information they want. If a website is well designed and built, it creates a user experience that stands out from the competition. This in turn raises the profile of your business in the online space. In this increasingly online world, investing in a website that appeals to its viewers, is easy to navigate on both desktop and mobile devices and can be found easily by search engines has become a necessity for every business.


At Canberra Web, we specialise in visually stunning, organically optimised websites that rank highly in search engines and convert visitors into clients.