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B2B Editor19 June 2015

The Fitout Factory has been operating since 1991 and has been engaged in commercial office fitout and maintenance for 24 years.

The company was formed in response to “the recession we had to have” (1990) when construction companies were falling into liquidation at an alarming rate in the ACT, and has endured the subsequent 1995 recession, to be well placed to navigate the current construction industry downturn. With possibly a whole generation that has not witnessed a decline in economic conditions, few managers and employees understand the depth of impact on cash flow and income generation, generally adopting an aggressive pricing strategy that can lead to both commercial suicide and poor quality results for the client.

Our approach has been to innovate our project delivery through precutting/fabrication and diversifying our in house skill sets to enable us to be more flexible, and to selectively engage in projects that present unique problems that can attract a higher profit margin (or at the least – eliminate competition).

The complex nature of compliance with the Building Code of Australia, Australian Standards, Work Safety and Industrial Relations Employment within the construction industry, presents a client with a difficult task in assessment of tenders. Particularly on smaller projects without the appointment of an architect. In these circumstances we adopt an open book policy to present quality information to potential clients enabling project decisions to have correct due diligence applied and affording the client greater confidence in the construction program, quality, and cost plan.

While currently experiencing moderate growth while others are facing sharp decline, we consider our strategy a success and look forward to serving this industry with cautious optimism.

Martin Renner
Managing Director

The Fitout Factory
P: 6242 1182
E: [email protected]