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The Classic Bishop Sacrifice

B2B Editor12 August 2015

The Classic Bishop Sacrifice

Politics is just like chess and Bronwyn Bishop has been sacrificed for the greater good. She spent the public’s money on choppers and limos and paid a price for it, primarily because her decisions were not in the spirit of her entitlements or represented the standards of a parliamentarian let alone the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

But I fear that this is just the tip of the iceberg and dozens let alone hundreds of politicians, past and present, must be crawling over their entitlements and chafing at the bit to repay hundreds and thousands of dollars that could be considered inappropriate use of taxpayers money: if anyone ever found out about them.

I would think that there are millions of dollars of questionable claims that are made each year for meetings with business and unions, political party meetings, conferences, holidays, festivals, dinners, lunches etc – that are justifi ed by having a legit meeting on the side that just happens to be close by.

But why stop with the politicians – lets look at their political staff that have generous entitlements as well, such as overtime, travel, accommodation, Cabcharge expenses etc.How many of these people are actually staff or are actually apparatchiks for their respective political parties – why do we pay for these hacks on the public purse.

Then there are senior public servants themselves that similarly have their snouts in the trough – and are happy to find fault with underlings that might use a vehicle to pop to the shops, take stationary home or add an extra couple of hours to their overtime.

This rorting of entitlements has been going on for years on all sides of politics and the bureaucracy and I feel there is just too much vested interest for there to be anything serious done about it. Bronwyn Bishop has resigned as Speaker, but I’m sure those politicians that are calling for her head have been extremely carefully vetted to ensure that their head isn’t next on the block – or have they?

Let’s see if the Prime Minister Tony Abbott has made the right move and has enough chess skills to stay in the game..

Tim Benson, Publisher
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