Tech Tip – Free Online Microsoft Training

B2B Editor21 February 2017

Tech Tip – Free Online Microsoft Training

4Data Tech Tip – Free Online Microsoft Training

Microsoft has published a range of online IT courses to maximise your Microsoft experience.

They reside at the Microsoft Virtual Academy.

Training is classified by being a Developer, IT PRO, Data Pro, or Student.

Upon selection – you can then view by product and your familiarity.

The courses move from Basic to Advanced, and if needed the courses are presented in range of languages.

This is a perfect means to improve your understanding, and determine what you need to know.

Sometimes it is just a little education that can assist you in determining your need to learn.

This is a perfect means of introduction to use of Microsoft products.

So look up Microsoft Virtual Academy – there is something there for you.

For your IT infrastructure and licensing look up 4Data

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4Data Tech Tip – Free On line Microsoft Training-

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