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Team’s passion and program for great business ideas kick-start startups

8 July 2022
Anne Marie Perret

Anne Marie Perret is a mentor and advisor as part of CRBIN’s GRIFFIN Accelerator program. Photo: CBRIN.

To say Anne-Marie Perret is experienced would be a major understatement. With a special interest in innovation and technology, Anne-Marie is an incredibly experienced mentor and advisor who has helped turn many Canberrans’ ideas into successful businesses.

Anne-Marie has been part of CBRIN’s GRIFFIN accelerator mentor team since its inception in 2014. The group’s three-month intensive program is led by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs and mentors who invest in, host, teach and mentor selected startups to accelerate their business growth.

At its heart, GRIFFIN is for the trailblazers of the contemporary business climate, uniquely designed to challenge and test ideas, and to help businesses mature. This is something Anne-Marie is passionate about.

“I love watching companies grow from an idea to a real company,” Anne-Marie says. “If I can help in any small way to make that happen, it is worth my time.”

The GRIFFIN Accelerator is not just for tech startups. Photo: CBRIN.

Anne-Marie’s passion for helping entrepreneurs plays a major role in making the GRIFFIN program unique. Within the program, the team of mentors bring substantial experience in startups, investing, raising capital, sales, business development, and significant industry and investor networks. They all believe in giving back to the Canberra business community that has supported them through the years.

The GRIFFIN Accelerator is not just for tech startups. Many types of businesses have completed the program, including Miiroko, which markets a successful and sustainable at-home hair dying solution, Evalue8 Sustainability, which makes software that tracks businesses’ carbon emissions, and Brain Changer, which offers a neuroscience tool that helps people calm their nervous systems.

“I am not wedded to one sort of idea, but I’d love to see a wide variety of ideas, particularly those that are forward-looking. By that, I mean thinking about what might be next, in the way we live and work,” Anne Marie explains.

GRIFFIN helps move Canberra towards a better future by offering entrepreneurs the support, advice, and tools they need to grow and succeed.

Applications for the GRIFFIN Accelerator are open and close on July 4. If you have an idea, innovation, or startup that could benefit from acceleration, apply now.

Original Article published by Shayna Siakimotu on Riotact.


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