Taking a gap year at 50

B2B Editor12 November 2015

Most people spend their whole life not doing what makes them happy.

Carol Mitchell on the other hand, at 50, has pulled up stumps, rented her luxury apartment in Canberra, and moved to Bali to live for a year … or three … or maybe more.

Whilst there she is going to write another book, titled ‘Taking a Gap Year at 50’ (Carol is also the author of The Force of Divorce – A Survivors Story and has collated the Divorce Survival Kit, but more about that later).

“My new book will be about my experiences in Bali. It will be about doing exactly what you want and exploring the things that lead to happiness,” Carol said.

According to Carol you can live quite a privileged life in Bali. For example, she has three staff (maid, gardener and pool man). But she says that you have to remember that you are still living in a third world country.

“Many people in Indonesia, including Bali live in third world conditions – but there are a lot of positives including the weather, food, people, and culture,” Carol explained.

Seven years ago Carol went to Bali to write her fist book The Force of Divorce. Since then she has lived in Bali every January and July/August.

Carol fell in love with the ‘island of the gods’.

“I went to unwind and to paint and get inspiration for design and creativity. From the first time I visited I thought I would either retire, or spend significant time, in Bali,” Carol stated.

The Force of Divorce – is a book about surviving any traumatic experience and Carol candidly tells her story while offering advice regarding the stages experienced while dealing with such difficulties.

The Divorce Survival Kit is $120 and represent expert advice from the following ten experts involved in the divorce process: psychologist / life & business coach, solicitor, careers advisor,To contact Carol Mitchell in relation to her books, artwork – or even to rent a room in her Balinese villa, visit the following website: www.carolmitchell.com.au Taking a gap year at 50 financial planner, mortgage broker, insurance broker, real estate agent, lifeline Canberra, remedial and relaxation therapist and an image consultant.

Carol is serious about this ‘gap year’ and has sold most of her possessions and her networking business, ENERGY Networking.

ENERGY Networking is an interactive business forum that provides the opportunity for personal and professional development in a genuine and supportive environment.

“I have sold ENERGY Networking to Michelle Kroll the Photographer in the group. I highly recommend anyone interested in networking to join this inspiring group of business people.ENERGY Networking is a great way to grow your business, build confidence and develop networking skills,” Carol said.

Carol is also an established artist. Carol Mitchell originals are in homes all over the world. She has been commissioned to paint for people as close as Perth and as far away as Germany. Carol’s variety of work is vast and depicts her colourful lifestyle. There is something for everyone.

BESPOKE Gallery in Phillip displays many of Carol’s paintings. And Carol is offering her all her paintings displayed at BESPOKE at 1/2 price until Christmas. Great time to buy original art for the office or home.

If you would like a beautiful original artwork from a Canberra artist, for a very reasonable price then go to www.carolmitchell.com.au and have a look at some the works.

So, back to the book: ‘Taking a Gap Year at 50’

“It will be about the things that happen to me in Bali. This book, while still being inspiring, will be a lot of fun. My adventures have already been interesting to say the least. I am looking forward to writing the rest over the next year,” Carol outlined.

According to Carol it will be a story encouraging people to do what makes them happy, discouraging them from putting things off,and mostly importantly a big fat reminder that life ‘is too short to waste’.

“I love Canberra’s seasons, and I believe it is the perfect place to bring up children, but Bali is calling me and I don’t know why – read the book,” Carol concluded.

To contact Carol Mitchell in relation to her books, artwork – or even to rent a room in her
Balinese villa, visit the following website: www.carolmitchell.com.au