Superstitions – from lucky numbers to unlucky days

B2B Editor1 March 2015

Superstitions – from lucky numbers to unlucky days

You might not think finding the right property has much to do with luck, but around the world, there are countless superstitions people believe that could influence their decision to buy a property.

From numerology to rainy days, here are a few interesting beliefs regarding property from around the world.

* CHINA – The number eight is a sign of good luck and prosperity, due to its similarity to the Cantonese or Mandarin word for wealth. Houses with the number eight or those with eight in the listing price could perform better as a result.

* CHINA – Conversely, the number four bears similarities to the Cantonese or Mandarin word for death, and is considered unlucky.

* GLOBAL – There are many theories as to why the number 13 is unlucky, but whatever the case may be, many buyers avoid that number entirely. It’s such a wide spread belief that many hotels don’t even consider a “13th floor”.

* NORTH AMERICA – Bringing an old broom to a new house is said to bring bad luck.

* AFRICA – Sweeping your home at night could sweep away good fortune.

* CHINA – Properties that sit on curved roads or T-intersections are reportedly unlucky.

* INDIA – Moving into a home on a Friday or Saturday, or when it’s raining is considered bad luck. In India, Thursday is considered the best day to move in.

* PHILLIPINES – Scattering coins around a new home could invite financial prosperity.

* UNITED KINGDOM – Putting shoes on a table in your new home is often considered bad luck (or at the very least will make your new home dirty).


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