Struggle. Survive. Evolve

B2B Editor24 April 2014

Struggle. Survive. Evolve

CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve Finally Managed To Put Together Your Dream Website, But Here Comes the More Difficult Challenge…

I know for a fact that getting your website up and ready is bit of a painful process in its own right and once it is ready the excitement of sharing the accomplishment with your friends, family, co-workers and employees is just overwhelming. While I really don’t want to burst your bubble, I’d also hate to hide the harsh realities of the corporate world waiting to strike you, and strike you hard. Here is the bullet for you to bite.

“You have to work at least 200 times harder than you’d already worked for getting the website set-up and be online.” Here’s why…

If you want to survive in this cutthroat, unforgiving business environment, you need customers and a lot of them. To make things worse, targeted infl ow of website visitors is NOT the only important thing you need, you also require your visitors to do the most desirable action such as giving you a ring, shooting an email, subscribing to your e-mail list, or just buying your product or service.

I meet start-ups and existing businesses day-in, day-out and consistently fi nd them stuck at “taking their presence to the next stage”, where they can start registering success and stay in the business for as long as they possibly can.

Marketing is a skilled expertise and not all entrepreneurs or business owners have it. Even when they do have the marketing skills they just don’t have the time to execute those skills because so much else is on the plate. After all, they have to do things like servicing customers, delivering products, managing fi nances and doing whatever it takes to keep their businesses up and running.

According to Inc.com, one of the world’s leading magazine for start-ups and businesses, on average a business needs to spend around 20-25 hours a week on a single social media platform to successfully spread the word, build reputation, or drive the results it is after. That’s nearly about a whole working week!

Speaking of SEO, one of the most talked about online marketing strategy, Google is committed to kick out all lowquality websites from its index by continuously fl ashing out complex algorithms in short time intervals making the job of marketers highly specialised and time consuming.

Good luck to all those ventures that are ready to take the risk of churning out big money in an effort to recruit and train someone on their payroll with absolutely NO guarantee of the results.

How do you cope with such a challenging business environment? What I’ve been experiencing is astute businesses are turning to the services that specialise in not only helping them to get FOUND in the immensely cluttered online space, but providing data driven suggestions and insights to boost their conversion rates.

Now how to select such a service is another point of huge debate, but I strongly believe this is the right way of going about it. Outsourcing highly specialized marketing skills is allowing business owners to free up their time for doing what they are expert in, running their business. The other signifi cant advantage of utilising someone outside of your business is, you only pay for the results agreed upon before the project gets off the ground.

So, if you are struggling to be found online or have visitors but just not converting into revenues, here is your chance to pick up the phone, call Canberra Web, and let us know your woes and pains. We love to listen to our customer problems because it allows us to offer appropriate solutions.

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