3 Strategies to break through the hum-drum of business life

B2B Editor13 June 2016

3 Strategies to break through the hum-drum of business life

Are you struggling to get through everything you want to do each day? Ever wonder how those ultra-successful people do it?

Richard Branson swears by waking up early. Zappos founder Tony Hsieh bundles up all the emails he needs to reply to each day and hits them in one go. Winston Churchill would spend most of his morning working in his bed.

Here are some strategies for the over-worked, over-burdened, and sometimes under-appreciated entrepreneur, startup or small business owner.

❶ Develop your own ‘system’ of working

Put together your own customised personal plan. Think about when you are most productive each day, where and how you like to work. Then stick to it!

❷ Take more breaks

Research shows we are more productive if we give ourselves time to re-energise throughout the day. Pausing will help you recharge and get back to your best.

❸ Break your work into smaller tasks

Once your strategy is set give your team the best chance of completing it by breaking the work down into smaller tasks. By doing this you will see progress. It’s amazing how much more productive a team is when is motivated by momentum and results.

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