August 2014 Issue 96

SRC Solutions: working towards safer & healthier workplaces

B2B Editor1 August 2014

SRC Solutions: working towards safer & healthier workplaces

SRC Solutions is an injury prevention and injury management company based in Canberra. It offers workplace assessments, training to reduce the risk of injury in the workplace, case management services, work health and safety services and workplace rehabilitation advice. Its clients are mostly government-based.

Louise Hughes, CEO of SRC Solutions, said, “SRC Solutions came into existence 17 years ago when its sister company, employment agency Effective People, found it was being asked to assist with things like writing WHS policy, undertaking workstation assessments and advice regarding an injured employee. Since then, SRC Solutions has grown to employ 21 staff members locally in Canberra.”

“Relying mostly on government clients has its challenges but is also exciting. We continually need to develop new products and services to meet the changing market demands.”

SRC Solutions had worked with accountants previously but they decided it was time to look for a new accountant who would be a proactive business advisor as well as taking care of the compliance issues (eg taxation).

Louise Hughes said, “We developed a list of attributes which we wanted our new accountant to have including providing ongoing strategic advice about how to grow the business in a sustainable way.

We met with Andrew Sykes from RSM Bird Cameron to discuss our needs and started as a client with the firm by the end of November 2012. We heard about RSM Bird Cameron through word of mouth and we felt instantly comfortable with Andrew and the team.”

“The idea of having a business advisor who could bring something new to the table was refreshing. The team at RSM Bird Cameron provides invaluable advice; they open up doors to new business opportunities and relationships, and they are genuinely invested in the future success of SRC Solutions.”

“2014 is a tougher year for businesses like SRC Solutions that cater to government clients in a government town that has been in election and post-election mode for almost 18 months. Despite this, the business is going well and Andrew is helping the management team look at what works well and what the business could do better.”

SRC Solutions is currently growing its workplace rehabilitation services in the private sector.

These services facilitate the return-towork process including liaising with medical professionals, employers and the injured or ill worker. RSM Bird Cameron has taken on a business advisory role by providing strategic insights into different means of promoting this speciality to the market place.

We heard about RSM Bird Cameron through word of mouth and we felt instantly comfortable with Andrew and the team.

“Louise Hughes said, “Andrew is very encouraging, he is focused on working with SRC Solutions to grow the business. He sees the potential and is keen to help the business progress.”

“During the past two years RSM Bird Cameron has been our key business advisor. The team has given SRC Solutions motivation and initiative to continually review the financial processes to make the business more profitable, its systems more resilient and to be always forward-thinking. They really make the effort to get to know the business needs and are a good fit culturally.”

“We would not hesitate to recommend RSM Bird Cameron to anyone looking for real value for money and another level of collaboration. In fact, we have recommended RSM Bird Cameron a number of times.”

Louise’s advice for any business is to have a good advisor on board.

Louise Hughes said, “A good advisor can make a huge difference. The team at RSM Bird Cameron adds a lot of value by thinking outside the square. It is partnership-driven, the team is readily available and a great resource for discussing and developing ideas.”

“Also, always ensure that you are developing a good pipeline of potential clients and continuously reassess services to determine where you think growth might occur. Think about streamlining services, use technology and get out and talk to other businesses so you can see what’s going on in the broader marketplace.”

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For more information, please contact: Andrew Sykes, Director Business Solutions 02 6217 0333 or[email protected]

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