3 Smart time management tips

B2B Editor11 April 2016

3 Smart time management tips

In the March edition I outlined 3 time management tips. Based on the feedback
I have outlined a couple of extra bonus tips to assist business owners better
manage their time.

Kristin Miller, General Manager, Smart Business Guardian.

❶ Turn off notifications and alerts during business hours.

There is absolutely no way you can focus and get anything done properly if you keep letting yourself get interrupted by notifications and alerts all day. Switch them off and focus!

❷ Tune out from broadcast media.

Mainstream news, tabloid media, blog posts, podcasts, TV shows, etc. This material is great when you want some downtime or have free time but if its productive business growing activities you want to focus on, this media will only distract you.

If you are using these sources for business be selective and targeted in your choice.

❸ Proceduralise and automate wherever possible.

If you repeat tasks write a step by step procedure that you can refer back to whenever you need to recall how to undertake something in your business. This has the benefit of reducing time to undertake tasks yourself, and also shifts you into a position to outsource certain activities. You may also be able to find tools to assist in automating parts of your procedures.

For more details read out blog on ’10 Smart Time Management Tactics and Strategies’ at our website.

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