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Skill-up your health

B2B Editor27 February 2014

Skill-up your health

For many, being an Olympian is merely a dream and getting close to the sporting world stage is another lifetime away. With the Winter Olympic Games showcasing the best athletes in the world, we have no choice but to admire the journey that got them there.

When it comes to health we can learn from the best athletes in the world. That triple-axle in the figure-skating or the double-back flip in the snowboarding half pipe does not happen overnight. hours-upon-hours have been dedicated to master the various skills to compete at the highest level. In regards to healthy living, ‘health’ is a skill and needs to be practised and practised every day.

Below are three vital points to help reach a healthier you.

1. Have a game plan

Before you do anything have a game plan. Plan what you are doing this week, plan what you are doing this month and list what you want to achieve this year. If the gym work is part of your healthy practice, be sure to purchase a gym membership. If tennis is what you want to do to lose weight, sign up for a weekly tennis class. If you want to eat healthier food at home, clean your cupboard and only buy healthy food for the household. It doesn’t matter what activity you pursue, putting structures in place will help you to facilitate regular health practice.

2. Remember to KISS -Keep It Simple Stupid

Do the basics right and keep it simple stupid. Exercise at least 30-minutes a day, load up on vegetables and limit your calorie and fat intake. The trick is to make sure this practice is regular and if you happen to have one of those days where balance is towards the unhealthy, be sure to get back to the game plan the following day.

3. Perfect practice makes perfect

If we treat our heath as a sport or a game and maximising our health is what we want, we are well on our way to achieving this result. Understanding our bodies and learning how to manage our lifestyle is the key to maintain and maximise our health. Practice and pushing to do things better is a characteristic all Olympians have in common. So take a leaf out of our greatest sporting athletes’ books and master your health.

Along with our health partners, Healthy Identity is a community health brand to help you and your network achieve greater health. If you are looking to seek advice or need to access personal health services please email [email protected] or call Robbie on 0423 366 014.

Robbie Manzano is founder and managing director of Healthy Identity. Robbie has degrees in Human Nutrition and Coaching Science from the University of Canberra and has completed a Graduate Certificate Public Health from Curtin University.[email protected] 0423 366 014