July 2015 Issue 106

Simplyifying the complex

B2B Editor13 July 2015

The fundamental nature of disputes drives the holders of divergent views to the Courts for redress. Gone are the days when the mightier combatant was always victorious; today the savvy party to a dispute, the one who truly understands the benefit of a finely nuanced argument, seeks the input of subject matter experts to win the day.

Vincents Chartered Accountants, Australia’s largest boutique forensic accounting firm, has built an enviable reputation as the firm of choice for law firms across Australia for the provision of expert reports, expert testimony, advice and consulting across a wide range of services.

With over 25 years of experience in specialist forensic accounting, Vincents’ national forensic team comprises over 35 accountants with a range of backgrounds including taxation accounting, law, actuarial studies, corporate accounting and law enforcement.

Julia Bossert, Vincents’ Canberra Forensic Senior Associate believes that having a specialist forensic team is what sets Vincents apart. “By having a dedicated team who work exclusively in the area of forensic accounting, our clients are guaranteed an expert who understands the litigation process, the context in which financial analysis is used and the Court’s requirements of experts”.

Vincents simplify the often complex area of financial analysis and the quantification of loss/value for both the parties to the litigation and the Court. By ensuring that financial information and analysis is complete and clearly explained to all parties, the overall cost of the litigation is often reduced and lawyers can be spared the frustration of sorting through the often voluminous financial documentation in the case.

In addition to the more traditional forensic accounting areas, such as quantifying loss and damage for personal injury and commercial litigation, family law and business valuations, Vincents have specialities in forensic technology (computer forensics), the assessment of loss resulting from negligent financial advice, the assessment of damages for funds management, fraud investigation and financial crime.

The engagement of a forensic accountant is often beneficial well before a dispute nears a court room. The Vincents team comprises a number of nationally accredited mediators and have experience in collaborative family and commercial practice. Says Julia Bossert, “Vincents’ involvement in ADR has grown significantly in recent years. We often find that as an independent party, we’re able to discuss the financial concepts and concerns in a way that promotes understanding and ownership of the outcome by the respective parties”.
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