Separating couples: go your separate ways but together

B2B Editor14 June 2017

Separating couples: go your separate ways but together

Use Separate Together, your dedicated settlement lawyers

With 70% of litigated family law matters resolving before trial with couples reaching an agreement, there has to be a better way to separate without unnecessary Court intervention and expensive lawyers, thought local Canberran family lawyer, Siobhan Mullins. Thenceforth, Separate Together was born.

Separate Together is Australia’s First Online Family Law Firm dedicated to formalising separating couples’ agreements in a way that is Simple, Fast and Affordable.

About us
Separate Together is a Canberran born and bred family law firm that works with the separating individual or couple to formalise the agreements reached after separation.

Separate Together is ahead of its time, operating as an online law firm. Through use of technology and Internet, we service separating Australians in regional and capital city areas across Australia all online and from the comfort and convenience of one’s own home. We’re about simplifying the separation process with easy to understand step-by-step instructions about the process and providing easy accessibility to quality family law legal services at affordable prices.

The firm is run by Director, Siobhan Mullins, who has practiced exclusively in family law and domestic violence since her admission as a solicitor in the ACT. Siobhan has worked with separating clients to assist them in reaching an agreement with their partner about care arrangements for children, child support, spouse maintenance and the division of property and/or superannuation. Siobhan has advocated on behalf of her clients at mediations and before the ACT Magistrates Court and the Federal Courts in relation to domestic violence, parenting, property and child support matters.

Siobhan is a collaboratively trained family lawyer and a member of the Canberra Collaborative Practice Group, the ACT Women’s Legal Centre, the ACT Law Society and the Canberra Region Family Law Professionals Association.

Snapshot of our approach

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How separate together works
Separate Together works one of two ways-clients have the option of engaging us to provide independent legal advice to them (whether that be about their entitlements pursuant to the Family Law Act, an agreement that they have reached with their partner or a proposed agreement that they would like to put to their partner) and thereafter engaging us to prepare the necessary documents to formalise any agreement reached to be recognised in a legal way.

In the alternative, we can work with a separating couple to prepare the necessary documents to formalise the agreement(s) reached together.

The agreements that we can document include care arrangements for children after separation, the division of property and/or superannuation, and child support and spouse maintenance matters.

Why separate together is different
Separate Together is different from the run of the mill traditional family law firms being that:

  1. Firstly, Separate Together does not go to Court. We are Dedicated Settlement Lawyers, specialising in agreements only. We do not represent clients in Court proceedings. No other such firm exists in Australia, let alone operates online.
  2. Secondly, our services are affordable. In operating as an online firm, the overheads are not as high as a traditional physical law firm. Director, Siobhan Mullins, has therefore made the decision to pass those savings onto separating Australians, who have the option of engaging us on a fixed price or competitive low hourly rates.
  3. Lastly, unlike other traditional family lawyers, we will act for a separating couple. The scope of our retainer in those circumstances is limited to the preparation of draft agreement documents and is on the basis of jointly agreed instructions.
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Separation shouldn’t be complex, time consuming and expensive. Separating individuals and couples can choose to work with Separate Together to make the separation process a Simple one, that is Fast and Affordable.

Siobhan Mullins

Siobhan Mullins, Director
To find out more about Separate Together, visit our website: https://separatetogether.com.au

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