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Self – Mastery and Mindfulness

B2B Editor19 April 2017

Self – Mastery and Mindfulness

There is no shame in seeking ‘wise Counsel’ as humans we are meant to be tribal. In today’s world, there is much disconnection between humans. We are not getting the Touch, Feel, Eye to Eye, contact with each other that we need.

These are just a few senses that instil positive human feelings, resulting in clearer decision making. We have a follow the follower culture with few leaders willing to step up and lead from the front and by example.

Problems are never solved with the same level of thinking as they were created… Just like more money does NOT solve money problems.

Companies have a board of director’s, great minds to help guide the company in the right direction. They have Employee Assistance Programs to help employee’s cope with such things as the company pressure.

Why do companies see a need for wise counsel when directing the future of the company? Why do you think they implement programs for their employee’s to help cope with the pressures of work?

Why? Because people are an important part of the company’s success.

How is this different from YOU having your own confidant/ advisor/ future-focused wise counsel? You are a very important part in your personal life and your business… you are the leader! If you are a Parent you are leading our future leaders.

Families have the most important job on this earth… Where is the book educating you on all the variables in life?

One major misconception in Australia is – Therapy is only for the sick or it’s a Mental Health program. Therapy is for anyone and everyone who wants to talk, ask questions and seek new ways. Therapy is a pro-active measure opposed to a reactive measure.

Therapy is not a one size fits all model… A good Therapist will be eclectic in their approach and let the needs of their client dictate each session.

You are not alone when you have a therapist in your life. If you are a CEO, MD, GM it can be lonely at the top! As a leader your audience is board, therefore your knowledge net needs to be cast wide.

When was the last time you spoke to a Therapist about ‘Mindfulness’ and a Coach about ‘self-mastery’. These professionals can be one of the same depending on the disciplines in which the professional has studied.

You need to master yourself before you can assist others to master themselves…
Eg: When a plane drops altitude quickly, your instructions from the crew are to fit your own mask first, then assist others. (yet if you have ever experienced this in real life as I have) You know there are many who panic. They did not take notice of the wise counsel given prior to taking off and they persist with their own actions, thinking they know better.

Do you know people who persist with their own way of thinking over and over again expecting a better result?

Do you know that someone intimately perhaps?

Whether you are a leader of a family or a leader in an organisation fundamentally they are the same job.

Darleen Barton – Practitioner
Accredited- ANMS -AMA Mediator
work over Four disciplines- Coaching | Mediation | Counselling | Therapy
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