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Scott Jackson stands tall as a Canberra real estate industry leader

Emily Morris10 April 2019
Scott Jackson, Head of Sales, Ray White Canberra. Photo: Supplied.

Scott Jackson, Ray White Canberra. Photos: Supplied.

At five foot, five inches, or just under 170 centimetres, Scott Jackson has copped just about every short joke there is. Entering into a business partnership with two brothers who measure over six foot two, has really highlighted the height discrepancy.

However, Scott, or Scottie as he’s universally known, stands tall above almost all in the industry when it comes to his passion and zest for all things to do with real estate.

Having commenced his career at the ripe old age of 18 years, Scott has the rare distinction of being a ‘career real estate agent’. Whilst most fall into the industry as a second or third career, Scott inherited his mother’s desire to help other people, balanced with his father’s property nous (he was a quantity surveyor); so real estate was a natural fit.

Working alongside some of the industry giants at the time was a unique breeding ground for Scott’s understanding of all things real estate.

“I didn’t appreciate it at the time,” says Scott, “but the foundation for how to think about the auction process, how to deliver great customer service, and that ambition to grow a business that you were really proud of, was laid in the very early days of my career.”

One of Scott’s early mentors, Peter Walker, now an Agent in the Ray White Canberra business as part of the team that Scott leads, possesses a unique view of his journey through real estate, “For a part-timer, Scott’s ability to write fees was unparalleled,” says Walker sarcastically. “But in all seriousness, the transformation from an energetic and driven young man I met all those years ago, to the leader I see today, is nothing short of amazing.”

Scott Jackson, ready to bring down the gavel on a sale.

Scott in action for Ray White Canberra.

It’s a sentiment echoed by many others. Scott became a partner with Ben and Sam Faulks over nine years ago when they launched the Ray White business in Belconnen. Now the business extends Canberra-wide.

“I’m not sure I would counsel people that going into business with two brothers was a good idea,” says Jackson, who quips that he can feel like a referee at times, “but in all seriousness, outside of marrying Chantal (Jackson’s wife), going into business with Ben and Sam is the best decision I’ve ever made.”

And the decision has proven fruitful, with Jackson now filling the role of Head of Sales for a Ray White Canberra business that employs 63 people across offices in Woden, Belconnen & Gungahlin.

“Had you told me ten years ago we would be emerging as one of the leaders in the Canberra market, with the culture that we have, and the stable of not only potential future leaders but also just great people, I’m not sure I would have believed you.”

“Scottie is one of a kind,” says Ray White Canberra CEO, Ben Faulks. “His energy is infectious, and his patience and ability to connect with people across all walks of life is a testament to the fact that he treats everyone the same.”

“He is at the root of a culture that our entire team have come to know and love, and seeing Scottie at the front of what can be a drab sales meeting doing Baby Shark, or some other self-deprecating act to lift the energy in the room, goes to the core of some of our values such as Humility and Teamwork.”

Now focused more on building the successful careers of others than driving his own sales business, Scottie has a long list of agents whom he has personally mentored to achieve high levels of success.

“Scottie was the person who taught me how to list and sell real estate,” says Ben Faulks, a former Number one Salesperson within the Ray White network, “and he’s enhanced that ability to help others who are now building their own teams and careers.”

As a salesperson, leader and business owner, Scott Jackson provides a proud example of the positive impact that a real estate agent can have on their clients, colleagues and in their community.

Original Article published by Emily Morris on The RiotACT.

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