SCA welcomes plans for drones to carry out building safety checks

B2B Editor12 August 2016

SCA welcomes plans for drones to carry out building safety checks

The peak organisation for Australia’s $1.2 trillion strata property sector is supportive of drones being used to inspect high rise residential apartment buildings across the ACT.

But, they call on local authorities in the ACT to lay out a plan to ensure regular drone use doesn’t open the door for “peeping Toms”.

“With over 26% of the population now calling apartments and units home, drones could mean big savings for strata communities nationwide when checking on things like window safetyand structural integrity storeys above the ground,” Strata Community Australia National President, Erik Adriaanse said.

On the flipside, leaders say strata property owners must have assurances their rights will not be left up in the air with the arrival of hovering recording devices to city skylines. Strata Community Australia (SCA) is the peak industry body for Body Corporate and Community Title Management in Australia.

“Australia’s property future lies storeys above the ground so it makes sense we have solutions available to allow savings to all owners within these communities,” Erik said.

“This technology, paired with the right safety and privacy guidelines has the potential to monitor and maintain these high density areas at a more efficient level that can be achieved at the moment and we simply must support that.”

But with the proposed widespread use of drones flying among high rise buildings comes the general feeling of concern for privacy and SCA Australia supports the call for strict guidelines to be placed on their use.

“While we are comfortable that the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) can regulate safety we are very clear on the fact that they cannot regulate privacy so we urge councils to prioritise this matter immediately.”

“The question on the lips of all owners will be ‘is Big Brother watching?’ and managers need to help overcome this doubt by keeping owners and residents informed about their community’s day to day maintenance plan.”

SCA urgers owners who are unsure about the presence of a drone outside their building to contact their manager if they feel that their privacy is being compromised.

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