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Road tripping: eating healthy

B2B Editor1 May 2013

Road tripping: eating healthy

Promoting a healthy work environment is one thing but promotinga healthy work environment hundreds of kilometres away from home can be difficult. Unfortunately, the road trip environment does not promote healthy eating. Petrol stations in the middle of nowhere are made of sugar, and fast-food stores are in the areas we pull over to restand recuperate.

Think back to the last time you purchased petrol. Visualise the inside of petrol station – Where were the potato chips, lollies and chocolate? Where was anything remotely healthy? The majority of foodsat road side stops are high in sugar and not energy dense, ultimately leaving you in a poor physical and mental state to drive.
When arriving at your final destination the complications don’t disappear. Hotel food is limited and knowing places to purchase a simple meal can be restricted by the limited time you may have.
By following the 5 travelling work tips below, eating healthy onthe road isn’t too difficult.
* Stay cool with a cooler
* If driving to your destination – packing a cooler of sandwiches,fruit and water will help you avoid unhealthy meals and snacks at aroadside fast-food outlet or petrol station.
* Have a meal before you travel
* Before you drive or fly make sure you’ve had something to eat. Try toavoid foods that are high in sugar and fats.
* Do some research before you leave
* Locating a grocery store at your destination or during your road trip before you travel will save you time. Purchase fruits, muesli and nuts for hotel snacks and if you’re lucky enough to have a fridge, head tothe deli and buy supplies for a healthy sandwich.
* Who doesn’t love choice?
* If the area isn’t grocery store accessible, a sandwich shop (e.g.Subway) is an alternative option. The best thing about these types of stores is you choose what you eat.
* Don’t just eat restaurant food, enjoy it!
* There is a good chance we’ll find ourselves eating out. Remember it’s all about balance, enjoy your meal and don’t ruin it by overeating. Skip the over-priced and unhealthy entr e and instead load your plate up with vegetables and choose an alternative to fried dishes(e.g. baked) if possible.
This week’s challenge is to do everything possible before and duringyour road trip to access and consume healthy foods and beverages.