Road opening creates better access to Gungahlin Town Centre

B2B Editor10 February 2017

Road opening creates better access to Gungahlin Town Centre

The ring road system on the eastern side of the Gungahlin Town Centre will soon be complete with the opening on Monday (13 February) of the Manning Clark Crescent extension.

The extension from Flemington Road to Anthony Rolfe Avenue creates better access to, and around, the town centre.

Combined with the recently opened extension of The Valley Avenue, the extension to Manning Clark Crescent will further improve traffic flow.

The extension is the final part of ACT Government’s $14 million commitment in the 2015/16 ACT Budget to improve traffic flow around the Gungahlin Town Centre.

Work will start later this year on more road network improvements on the eastern side of the town centre to provide vehicular access and utility services to undeveloped blocks identified for future sale.

These improvements include an extension of Ernest Cavanagh Street between Hinder Street and the newly extended Manning Clark Crescent.

Construction of a stub road was included as part of the recent Manning Clark Crescent extension to minimise the impact on traffic when the Ernest Cavanagh Street extension starts later this year.

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