December 2013 Issue 89

Responsive design: it can make all the difference

B2B Editor3 December 2013

Responsive design: it can make all the difference

It’s true, it can. If you’re thinking about a new website, then make sure you build one that has responsive design because it will deliver great results for your business.


People lead busy lives today and want to access information quickly through their mobile devices such as tablets or phones. If your website is responsive, then customers will be able to do this, and either spend money on your site or gain the information they need, and leave with a positive impression about your business.

At Canberra Web, we like to use this analogy about business websites that don’t work well or are difficult to navigate using a mobile device. Imagine your business had a shopfront where ten percent of people could not open the front door because it continually jammed and they had to stand outside trying to phone you to open the door!


If your business invests in responsive design now, it will end up saving you money in the future. This is because responsive design enables a web designer to create a website that is attractive and functional at any screen size without having to create multiple web pages for the same content which speeds up development and ultimately saves costs.

And when a new device comes on the market with a different screen size, your business website will display correctly on the screen without having to have another expensive website built.


It’s important to understand the difference. It used to be common practice that if a company wanted to display its website’s content effectively on a mobile device then a mobile version of the web site would be created. These webpages would automatically redirect visitors to the company’s website.

There are still some advantages to having a separate mobile website created. For example, If your website needs to have different features or content displayed dependent on whether it is being viewed via a mobile or desktop site.


Our team at Canberra Web can help your business with a responsive web site because it’s what we love to do.

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