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Relationship marketing and your customers

B2B Editor13 May 2016

Relationship marketing and your customers

In one of my previous articles, I spoke to you about Attention Economy. Every business is out there trying hard to get your and your customers attention. Attention is the currency and there is way too much noise out there. There is a way to cut-through that and you guessed it right – it’s Relationship Marketing.

Relationship Marketing is as the word suggests; strategies for building long-term engagement with your customers to build loyalty and trust, rather than opting for short terms tactics just to make some sales.

Consider this for a minute. How often do you trust a brand you just saw online? Will you buy from a random website you just found? Even if it had exactly what you were looking for, you would try to get some information about the company before you buy, right? Now, depending upon how big your purchase is, chances are you wouldn’t buy from them at first. If the website is using remarketing, they will follow you around for some time just so that you see their name again and again, which will build familiarity. In short, you would need to build trust before you buy. Let’s say if you don’t buy at this time from them but maybe signup for some tips. They send you useful tips, greetings and really try to enrich your life without asking for anything in return every month. Would you trust them more after a year? Would you consider them if you were to buy that product again? Would you recommend them to your friends if they were looking for similar product? Most people will. This is what relationship marketing is all about.

Customers now-a-days do their research before they buy. They are a lot more alert to their needs now. If your business can add value to their lives over a period of time, they are more likely to stick to you when the time comes. The concept is ‘Giver’s Gain’ and personalization is the key.

The best part of this is, it works two ways. When you do it right, not only that you will build loyal following for your business, but in turn you will also receive business from customers you actually enjoy doing business with. Over time, you will understand your customer’s needs and wants better. You will also understand better what sets you apart from your competitors. You just need be yourself have the clarity.

It’s about your customers. Make your website and marketing customer-centric. If possible, give them a preview of what you can do for them and the difference it will make to their lives. Take the time to go through the small things that matter to them. Be genuine in your dealings. Be generous. Think long term. Like every relationship, trust is the foundation.

Let’s really care about our customers. Let’s be a little less greedy. Let’s build a better business world for you, me and everyone around us.


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