May 2015 Issue 104

Project Independence celebrates second site

B2B Editor1 May 2015

Construction has commenced for the 2nd Site of Project Independence at the Latham site in Wanliss Street.

Project Independence is a not-for-profit initiative building housing in Canberra that provides independent living and home ownership for people living with intellectual disabilities.

The Board of Project Independence along with Minister for Disability Joy Burch and Minister for Housing Yvette Berry celebrated with potential residents, community and corporate supporters, disability organisations and parents on 23rd April 2015.

It is envisaged that the first residents will be living in the Latham and Harrison residences by the end of the year.

Speaking at the event, Minister Burch said the site was a great location.

“The close proximity to shops and transport will enable the development of a community but also foster independence for its residents.”

Project Independence Director David Hill has a long history of supporting the ACT Disability Community and was touched that interstate organisations travelled so far to attend the event and show their support for the project.

Glenn Keys, Master of Ceremonies, ACT Australian of the Year and Director of Project Independence, said those involved in the project had been overwhelmed by the expressions of interest so far.

“This proves there is high demand for such a project within the community,” Mr Keys said.