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Powered by Passion: Jenny Edwards, Light House Architecture and Science

Ruwendi Wakwella12 March 2019

Nina chats to Jenny Edwards in the latest Powered by Passion series.

“If you can’t see it, you can’t be it” goes the mantra: we all need role models and inspiration, and sometimes the most powerful icons are right there in our own backyards.

Powered by Passion is a new Region Media series by Nina Gbor that takes us inside the lives and motivations of some remarkable Canberra women.

This week, Nina speaks to Jenny Edwards from Light House Architecture and Science. Jenny’s multi-award winning architecture firm is at the forefront of innovative design with an emphasis on sustainability. Her goal is to see more space and energy-efficient houses in Canberra that are both innovative and inviting. By marrying science with architecture, this sustainable scientist and her team are trying to change Canberra’s housing landscape – one cosy, sustainable, light-filled home at a time.

Watch the full interview for more information, including how to get in touch with Jenny.

Original Article published by Ruwendi Wakwella on The RiotACT.

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