Positive results from motorcycle lane filtering trial

B2B Editor2 February 2017

The majority of Canberra drivers support motorcycle lane filtering following a two year trial, Road Safety Minister Shane Rattenbury said.

“In a community attitudes survey undertaken late last year, 69 per cent of respondents indicated their support for lane filtering as a road safety measure for motorcyclists,” Mr Rattenbury said.

“The community’s understanding of lane filtering has also increased, with almost half of respondents now aware of lane filtering -, up from 20 per cent before the trial began. I am very pleased to see that the ACT Government’s education campaign has increased awareness about lane filtering and motorcyclist safety over the past two years.”

Lane filtering is only allowed in the ACT around stationary or slow moving traffic. Motorcyclists are not allowed to filter in school zones or on the curbside next to a footpath, or in bicycle lanes or breakdown lanes. It is also against the law to filter past buses or heavy vehicles.

Mr Rattenbury said the ACT Government would now consider the latest survey alongside results gathered in 2014, noting some respondents were concerned motorcyclists were harder to see.

“The trial will continue while we evaluate whether lane filtering should become legal long-term in Canberra,” Mr Rattenbury said.

“I value the feedback we have received so far from the community. In addition to the two surveys, crash data from before and after the trial, particularly side-swipe collisions and same direction crashes at intersections, will also be examined.

“I expect to publish the completed evaluation by the middle of this year and while this important work is being undertaken, I encourage all road users to look out for motorcyclists and continue to share the road.

“We must be always respectful of each other on the road – no matter what form of transport we’re using.”

Motorcycle Riders Association of the ACT representative Jen Woods said the results reflected the real-life experiences of riders on the road.

“These survey results confirm what motorcycle riders have been largely experiencing, that the majority of road users support lane filtering,” Ms Woods said.

“Other vehicles are more aware of motorcycles and scooters, and are cooperative and considerate to riders who choose to filter through the lane. While there has been the occasional negative incident, overall I would say that the two-year trial has been a success.”

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