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Physical activity for health benefit

B2B Editor13 January 2013

Physical activity for health benefit

Avoiding a sedentary lifestyle is critical to health and wellbeing. Unfortunately, the complexity of adult hood slowly causes exercise to move down our priority list.

What if I told you, every time you complete a 30 minute exercise session you gain an extra week of an enhanced life?
The national physical guidelines for Australians illustrates regular exercise is the key for health benefit.
This guideline advises that we should exercise at a moderate level for 30 minutes on most days of the week.
Think to yourself… Is 30 minutes a day possible with all the deadlines and commitments we have on a day-to-day basis?
Let’s go back to the last 24 hours let’s find that 30 minutes
Outside of work hours – How many 30 minute periods did you have which you consider a ‘waste of time’?
If you did not consider any 30 minute periods a ‘waste of time’ – is there any strategies you could have implemented to save time?
If you write out you’re last hour 24-hours on paper you would be surprised how much time we actually have.
Apply one of these strategies so you can include a 30 minute exercise session to each day.
* Plan your day before you sleep. Make sure you schedule your 30 minute exercise session first, then organize your day around it.
* If you normally get stuck in peak hour traffic – Avoid it! Don’t go home during peak hour traffic, instead go for a 30 minute walk and return to your car later when the traffic has passed.
* Arrange to meet a different friend each day of the week for a 30 minute session
* On your way to a destination stop at a park, gym or outdoor setting and go for a walk for 30 minutes. Make sure it is planned as you do not want to be late to an appointment
* These are personal 4 strategies I use to fit in at least 30 minutes of physical activity in a day