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Numbers man makes the accounts click for small businesses

Wendy Johnson29 August 2019
Justin Wong's PAQ Group specialises in tailoring complete solutions for clients, across bookkeeping, payroll and tax.

Justin Wong’s PAQ Group specialises in tailoring complete solutions for clients, across bookkeeping, payroll and tax. Photos: Region Media.

Justin Wong is a numbers guy. He loves crunching them, and helping clients understand and use them to full advantage in business.

That’s why Justin opened PAQ Group, a bookkeeping and payroll solution that has designed its services especially for small business.

“The benefits of understanding your financial position are enormous,” says Justin. “It lets business owners focus on their core services, which is inevitably what they’re most passionate about. It keeps them on track with reporting and compliance requirements, relieving stress.

“Most importantly, it positions them to make strategic decisions about their current position and future potential.”

Justin is a Chartered Accountant who also has a Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) in Finance and a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Finance. He’s also worked in a few financial officer positions for other organisations.

While the experience was valuable, Justin wanted to support clients to elevate their numbers, from being process-driven to solutions-driven.

“We inspire businesses to work on their financial matters as regularly as possible — every week is ideal,” says Justin. “Not all clients are naturally inclined to work with numbers. That’s where experts like ourselves come in.

“We take the weight off their shoulders and give clients confidence with up-to-date, relevant information.”

One of Justin’s earliest clients was totally overwhelmed when they began working together. The client had a highly successful, but young, business that was growing quickly. While a nice problem to have, the owner soon found himself in a pickle. His initial intention was to handle all the finances and payroll himself, which is the case with many businesses, but he was soon spiralling out of control.

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) wasn’t happy that he wasn’t lodging his Business Activity Statements and tax. That added to the pressure.

“We take the weight off of the shoulders of our clients and give them confidence through up-to-date information,” says Justin Wong, PAQ Group.

“It’s a number one priority to keep the ATO happy and there’s no hiding from it,” says Justin.

“We worked with this client for 12 months to get everything sorted, everything lodged and back on track. Now the client can think clearly and concentrate on growth. They’ve seen the benefits of working with PAQ Group and have since referred us to four other clients.”

Justin says PAQ Group specialises in tailoring complete solutions for clients, across bookkeeping, payroll and tax.

“With new laws regularly being passed, it’s hard for non-experts to keep up,” says Justin. “We use the latest in technology and can manage client’s financials at a fraction of the time and cost.”

PAQ Group’s core service include full Xero set-up services, catch-up and ongoing bookkeeping services, ongoing payroll services, ongoing accounts payable services and full Business Activity Statement, Instalment Activity Statements and superannuation services. The team usually works remotely so businesses aren’t disrupted.

“It’s sometimes a false sense of economy to handle all the numbers and bookwork internally,” says Justin. “We often encounter clients who are tired and exhausted from trying to do it. They may also try to skimp by engaging the services of a junior who can only take them so far.

“The scary part is that many business owners aren’t even aware there’s a problem with understanding numbers — until they’re deep into the problem.”

PAQ Group is on a mission to get business’s bookkeeping on autopilot and create a stress-free experience for clients.

PAQ Group offers clients a free and confidential 30-minute review session. During these sessions, Justin assess the types of services clients can benefit from the most.

Justin says the continuous focus on customer experience is starting to pay off, with PAQ Group being rated Canberra’s #1 rated bookkeepers by Google Reviews.

“We tend to take on board all feedback our clients provide — the good and the bad — to continuously improve our service delivery, and provide the best experience possible,” he says.

You can contact the PAQ team on 02 6100 3500 or visit their website on www.paqgroup.com.au for more details.

Original Article published by Wendy Johnson on The RiotACT.

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