April 2015 Issue 103

Missing Persons – Job boards fail to connect with top Talent!

B2B Editor1 April 2015

Through the slow demise of newspaper job advertising, job boards such as SEEK have been the main tool for connecting employers and jobseekers. Despite a rapidly evolving market and a host of new technology and tools, many employers continue to stick to the ‘wanted poster’ approach to attracting talent. They write a job spec, hoist up an internet advertisement and then wait for the superstars to roll on in.

As areas of niche skills shortages multiply, and as the market for talent becomes increasingly specialised and competitive, now is the time to rethink this strategy.

The efficacy of generalist job boards as a means for connecting with high-calibre candidates is fading… rapidly.

Here are some of the reasons why:

* Time – with generalist job boards typically generating around 98% unsuitable candidates, how better could you be spending your time?

* They are not proactive – The best people are not lying in wait, relying on job boards to serve up the ideal job – frankly, they don’t have the time.

* They don’t target passive job seekers – 78% of job seekers in Australia are passive (i.e. Not active in the market but open for the right opportunity).

* The rise of multiple channels – with the advent of LinkedIn and the surge in many new pathways connecting people online, the idea of ‘one source’ is a fallacy.

“Employers need to move from screening candidates, to discovering or creating candidates!”

‘Informers’ identify the best talent

On average, 50 per cent of the jobs HorizonOne fill are through personal referrals or recommendations from trusted sources, or through repeat candidates. Personal referrals are HorizonOne’s lifeblood, and the key to being ahead of the game.

Being proactive is the only way. Don’t wait for your talent pool to be ‘reported missing’.

By partnering with a strategic recruitment business like HorizonOne, you’ll be in prime a position to unearth the most sought-after talent in your sector, now and in the future.

Think of us as ‘talent hunters’. Every day we are chasing down leads, referrals and using proactive approaches to hunt down the best talent in the market. We also specialise in building a pipeline of high-quality candidates that are drawn to us. We have developed a wide variety of channels to create an ongoing passive candidate flow that works much like a magnet.

“If you start from scratch every time you have a vacancy to fill, you’re not going to attract the best talent. You’ll be fishing in the same pool as everyone else.”

Social media provides new evidence

The uptake of social media to source and attract talent is growing every day. Digital platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook allow ‘Talent Hunters’ to effectively hand-pick candidates they want to target, which is a massive advantage over traditional job boards.

We are able to tap directly into large, well connected audiences and forge relationships with exceptional candidates nurturing these in real-time. Whilst this can be very time consuming, the way your organisation is positioned in the digital space can make or break your chances with top talent.

The telephone – old technology, best results

With job boards on a downward spiral, it’s surprising to note the humble telephone has made a comeback as a critical tool to source talent and secure referrals. If nothing else, picking up the phone to contact a quality, passive candidate – at a convenient time – is far more effective than email. By choosing to proactively call through our trusted networks, HorizonOne is able to offer clients unique talent that can’t be accessed through a job listing.

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