December 2015 Issue 111

Merry Christmas …

B2B Editor9 December 2015

Merry Christmas …

How politically incorrect.How dare he wish us a Merry Christmas. He’s not even a ‘real’ Christian. Not baptised and definitely not a regular Church goer. But you know what? I love Christmas. I love it. I love the fact that it is another opportunity for us to think about the relationships that we have with our families, friends and colleagues. I love that is gives us time to do nothing but ‘choose’ to spend time with friends and family.There seems almost an obligation to connect or reconnect with family. Now there may be many very good reasons to avoid certain members of your family at all cost … but if it’s because of pride or jealousy, or they have just given you the ‘Tom Tits’, then its probably time to bite the bullet and spread a bit of the Christmas spirit. The same goes for business. The period leading up to Christmas is a prosperous time of the year for many industries. Retail, hospitality and travel all go gangbusters – but it is also a boom time for business related services that see, at least, a 10 per cent increase in demand in the lead up to Christmas. I feel that many businesses are more receptive to being approached at this time of the year. It is almost as though they can enter a wormhole that takes them from Christmas to late January/early February and off into 2016. They are looking forward to a break and a holiday and are positive and confident about getting back into it, fresh and energised in 2016. Therefore, whatever your religion, politics or ideology: decorate a tree, raise a glass, spend time with people you care for, and have a happy, safe and Merry Christmas!

This month’s cover story sees high profile lawyer, Lisa Barlin, and her team, move to Aulich Civil Law. Lisa is a talented lawyer and a treasured member of the Canberra community, having served on many local boards including: Netball ACT, Daramalan College and the Snowy Hydro Rescue Helicopter Fund.

Tim Benson, Publisher
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