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Lucas Worx

B2B Editor 1 March 2013
Lucas Worx began in 2006, from nothing to the growing business it is now.
My name is Arthur Moudakis and for many years feared the step of being a business owner until one day I decided to just do it. Since that day, and an enormous amount of hard work I’m very proud of where Lucas Worx is today.
Lucas Worx has a small growing team and is up for any cleaning challenge. With many years of experience, initially with end of lease cleaning to commercial cleaning. Our portfolio deals with local building companies, Real estate agents, business owners and the general public.
What I love most about the cleaning industry is the daily challenges I face to see a job through. It could be anything from cleaning carpet in a small unit to cleaning a block of new homes or office, or it could be how the hell do I get up there to clean that??:) No two days are the same, and the satisfaction and self rewards are awesome.
The journey so far has given me opportunity to meet so many wonderful people who not only are clients but who are good friends also. The personal growth rewards are lifelong and everyday growing. A new challenge is a new goal, an obstacle to face is a new solution to discover.
Recently our team has had the opportunity to see two major construction sites in Canberra’s inner north go from a hole in the ground to beautiful homes. Many challenges were faced and many goals achieved. With only a short time to go I’m looking forward to seeing a completed project where my team and I can say we were proud to be a part of.
Recently I have joined a wonderful group with BNI Ambassador and new doors are waiting to open. I have the pleasure of joining a team of wonderful people each working in unique industries. Between us all we make a great team and all have fantastic goals to achieve.
Thank you to all I have had the pleasure to deal with and the wonderful relationships that have been created and to the new ones awaiting tomorrow.
Arthur Mouda
M: 0439 649 748

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